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Breitling Watches for men

Breitling Watches for Men

Breitling watches for men

Breitling watches originally were built for aviation where the resilient features aided in navigation in air. Although they are very sophisticated and luxurious timepieces, the Breitling watches for men have long metamorphosed into fashion pieces for men rather than the sole purpose of aviation.

Most Breitling watches have unusually large faces and equipped with Mechanical winding mechanism devoid of electronic parts. The movement, manufactured by Swiss companies are of a very high standard and are certified by appropriate authorities.

The brand based in Grenchen was founded by Leon Breitling in 1884. The landmark model that broke through aviation time space was known as the Navitimer introduced in 1952. The Navimeter has been modified or improved by popular demand from a 12-hour dial to a 24-hour dial. This change helped astronauts in space.

Other fascinating models include the Breitling Emergency version with a radio transmitter and the popular Breitling for Bentley lines that sees the brand team up with the Bentley team as a sponsor in Le Mans 24 hour campaign(2001 – 2003)

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