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Dress shirts

Dress Shirts for Men 

dress shirts for men

Dress shirts are staple pieces in every man’s wardrobe. Finding the choosing the right dress shirts is a top priority if you are to remain stylish and comfortable. Opt for fitted dress shirts with streamlined torses. The sleeve lengths must be appropriate without unnecessary bogus material protruding out of the layered blazer, jacket or formal suit.  Dress shirts for tall people are quite easy to pick but things can get a little complicated for shorter guys.

Here are a few tips to picking the right dress shirt for shorter guys:

Because most men’s dress shirts are made in standard sizes, finding the perfect dress shirt that fits well and looks good is a challenge for shorter men.

The most common problems for men with smaller body ratio includes droopy shoulders, sleeves that are too long, or shirts that tuck in like a parachute. And most of the time, those three are problems altogether. Other problems include large pockets and drooping sides. Having the look that you’re not wearing your shirt.

All these could be quite embarrassing for shorter guys. But there is nothing a good tailor can’t fix.

Though it may be hard to find that perfectly fitting dress shirt, there are ways to go around this very tight spot. If one wants to buy the right sized dress shirt, look for brands that offer athletic cut clothing. For short men, it doesn’t matter if you are not athletic in nature, it’s just that athletic cut clothing, included in dress shirts, taper much better for your body frame.

Use dress shirts that are made from finer fabrics. This will make the shirt feel less voluminous when it’s tucked in or when you’re wearing a jacket. Because the most common problem with shorter men is the length of the dress shirt, tucking them or hiding them under a jacket is a good trick.

Short, tall or of average height, there is a nice dress shirt for everyone. Look into our growing collection of dress shirts and make a pick.

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