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Unlike women, men all too often don’t pay much attention to their appearance and they can easily end up looking under-dressed or even downright scruffy while their date will have spent some time in front of the mirror.

So what are the different shirt types out there for men? The shirt you do pick should match and compliment the occasion it is worn for. Casual or formal, as the case may be, choosing the right pair can make or break your day.

For casual attires a white shirt is safe but perhaps too safe as it can give the impression that you are going to a job interview, or attending a business meeting. Instead, pick a casual shirt with some colors or a striped shirt, pair it with jeans and you will look cool enough to impress. Jeans will never make you look overdressed but teamed with a shirt; they will neither make you appear scruffy. The shirt to choose depends on the environment and the season.

Men’s Shirts Types

Nowadays, shirts are popular garments and that is why many people use them to carry messages or advertise something. Men’s shirts come in different types depending on the various styles. In this article, I will explain the different men’s shirts types.

Casual button-down shirts

A casual button down shirts usually has a collar with full-length opening at the front that is fastened using buttons. They are more casual and are mostly worn with a jacket or collar sleeve.

Dress shirts

Dress shirts are formal garments with a full-length opening at their front normally fastened with either buttons or studs. They are typically made using cotton of finer weaves and are more formal, usually worn with a tie. Mostly, they have stiff fronts and detachable collars

Men’s T-shirts

T-shirts are a type of casual shirts with neither a collar nor buttons. They are a common shirt for everyday wear mostly made of stretchy and finely knit cotton fiber. They are mostly short sleeved and were originally worn under other types of shirts

Polo shirts

Polo shirts also known as tennis or golf shirts are a short collar and short sleeved shirts. They have an abbreviated button placket with either two or three buttons with an optional pocket. They are mostly longer at the back than front

Tank tops

Tank tops are shirts normally worn as undershirts usually designed to fit tightly. They are mostly made of ribbed cotton and are mostly sleeveless with a very low neck and different widths of the shoulder straps. Tank tops got their names from the tank suits which were one piece swimming costumes of the 1920s.

Tuxedo shirts

Tuxedo shirts are a type of men’s shirts with a full-length opening at the front usually closed with studs. They are mostly made of plain cotton, cotton Marcella or plain linen usually worn for formal events.

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