Crew Neck Hoodies

Crew Neck Hoodies for Men

Crew Neck Hoodies for Men

Crew necks are some of the most basic kind of necklines available in the market. They are designed buy most of the biggest brands in the industry. Mostly designed sitting high close to the base of the neck in a rounded fashion

Wool : Wool is a popular material used for crew neck hoodie. Its warm, soft and is a moderate insulator to electricity.

Cashmere :  Cashmere crew neck hoodies are extremely soft and delicate. Made from the fur of special goats they appear finer than wool and are equally more expensive.

Cotton : Cotton is a natural source for making crew neck hoodies. It is less expensive than cashmere and wool but unfortunately, a lesser finer option.

Silk crew neck Hoodies : Silk are popular materials for hoodies. They are also quite expensive than their wool or cashmere counterparts. They can be used as inner clothing layers because they are thin.

Synthetic fibers: Synthetic fibers like Acrylic, Rayon and Nylon can also be used for making crew neck hoodies. They bring their own special characteristics into hoodie designs. They could be soft, comfortable, thin, resistant to the elements etc. A blend of these synthetic fibers with natural sources like wool or cotton can be made to achieve a desired feature.

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