The Pork Pie Hat

The Pork Pie Hat

best pork pie hat for men

The pork pie has a narrower brim than most fedora hats and the brims are always turned upwards. Characteristic features could include a flat top that is a little dented at the middle. It’s a more relaxed style of hat that has found its way to pop culture and jazz outfits.

It’s quite short and so should appeal to tall individuals. The porkpie hat gets its naming because of its resemblance to a pork pie. It is typically made from straw or felt. If you watch the soap opera series Breaking Bad you will be conversant with the character ego “Heisenberg” with a strong persona related to the porkpie hat.

Casual dressing will do well with a porkpie hat, jeans, chinos and stylishly worn leather jackets are a good fit.

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