The Newsboy Hat

The Newsboy Hat

Newsboy hats for men

Newsboy hats are flat caps that are very versatile and well suited for work. They will match almost any outfit you put on from a three piece suit to a regular jeans and jacket.

They came into limelight in the early 20th century and have remained a growing trend among men and boys from all classes. It found greater appeal among the lower working class simply because of its simplicity and versatility. Early 20th century pictures will reveal different classes of individuals wearing these caps, from newsboys to farmers, dockworkers, tradesmen etc.


  • Normally has a round crown that could incorporate a button at the top.
  • Some styles could have buttons that snaps towards the visors
  • Mainly comes in a variety of colors most notably plaid.
  • Could incorporate specially designed line patterns for an extra touch of style.

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