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The Homburg Hat

The Homburg Hat for MenHomburg hats

The Homburg hat is made of felt or straw and is similar to the dress fedora hat because of its center –creased crown, but different in the stiffness of the brim.


  • A creased crown like that of a fedora (seldom called a gutter crown)
  • A stiffer brim that is constructed with a slightly raised lip all the way round
  • Use as it is, can’t be molded or modified. So you better get it right.
  • Brims are usually stiff, fixed, runs down and curled upwards unlike the trilby that are in a downward angular fashion
  • A stylish hatband carefully folded for an extra touch of class.


  • Strictly for formal wears and suits.

The Homburg was made popular by the block buster movie The Godfather. Al Pacino was seen in many scenes with the homburg hat.

Materials commonly used for Homburg Hats


Cotton hats are softer and come in a variety of colors. The softness means they can easily be packable and crushable

Fur Felt

Fur felt feels finer and softer than wool felt homburg hats because they are crafted from softer materials. The materials are mainly from rabbit fur, beaver fur and hare. The difference between fur felt and wool felt can easily be distinguished just by touching both.

Wool Felt

Wool felt homburg hat is industrially prepared by pressing wool and applying moisture and heat. This process helps the fibers interlock within themselves; the end product is a soft fabric that can be dyed to most colors.


Polyester materials usually come in a blend of other synthetic materials. So it’s hard to find a pure polyester hat. The most common material used to blend with polyester is cotton, a blend of these two materials results in an end product that has the qualities of both materials.


Straw felt Homburg hats are very popular primarily because of the ability to twerk the end product to suit different price tags. The strength, fitness and durability can all be modified. For Homburg hats, raffia is a straw that is mainly used to make the end product packable and crushable. Straws from tequila palm are suitable for Panama hat.

Hat Terms you Should be Aware Of

What does it mean for a hat to be termed Packable/Crushable?

There is a common misconception about a hat been tagged as packable or crushable. Most people think that when you apply force to pack and crush the hat, it will miraculously return to its original form. Not so true. The packable/crushable tag should be viewed from the angle of durability rather than deformation and instant reformation to original state.

What’s a stingy brim?

Hats with very short brims are known as stingy brims. Usually within 1 – 2 inches

What is the marked difference between Shape-able and crushable?

When a hat is shape-able it means it can be bent or deformed in any way that suits the wearer’s style. This trait is brought about by replacing the inner plastic wire woven with a flexible metal wire.

What does the Sun Protection rating system mean?

Sun protection with caps is directly related to the color, weight and materials used in constructing the hat. The most common term used is UPF (Ultraviolet Protective factor) and should not be confused with SPF commonly found with sunglasses. Ideally the hat materials are first treated with a sun protective chemical before crafting begins.

How to wear your Homburg Hat

The way you wear your hat can portray your mood. They have a unique way of installing confidence on the user.  To portray an open and accessible self, tilt your hat a little backwards. Want to look mysterious and somewhat intimidating? Tilt the homburg hat over your eyes. Business and work attires require that you tilt your hat an inch up.

 Homburg Hat Etiquette

Hat etiquette must be obeyed if you are to pass as someone who is not only fashionable in choosing a headwear but also someone with some manners.

  • Never wear your hat during meals.
  • Kindly take it off indoors, in restaurants and elevators.
  • Classy gentlemen touch the brim of the hat lightly when greeting a friend. That’s so cool.
  • Act like a gentleman; raise the grown when you meet a lady in public.
  • Where any national anthem is recited, the proper thing to do is take off the hat and place it at your chest region.

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