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Russian fur felt hats

Outside the primary function of keeping your head warm, fur hats or Russian hats can be stylish. They are a fun winter accessory made to compliment your winter outfits. There are lots of Russian hats available in the market now for almost any occasion.

Russian fur hats are traditional Russian hats with a remarkable ear flap feature. They provide extremely warm conditions for the head. The ear flap feature provides protection for the ears when worn downwards, if folded inwards, the hat turns to into a dressier type hat. Some of the hats come with a traditional tie of buckle.

If you are shopping for a Russian fur hat it is sound practice to determine the type of material used in making the hat. Fur materials range in quality and texture. Think about your budget and the texture you feel comfortable with:

  • Rabbit fur is quite inexpensive and is soft and warm. With a silky texture, rabbit fur could come in a variety of natural colors.
  • The sheepskin fur gets its name from sheared sheep. The leather interiors are suede. The sheared sheepskin fur is one of the warmest furs in the market.
  • Mink fur is one of the most durable furs in the market. Its on the high end and its under furs are more dense and compact than the surface furs.
  • Beaver furs also have very thick under fur and can come in a very wide range of colors. Reason why they are more versatile. They are mainly of two types : Natural beaver fur and sheared beaver fur
  • Fax fur is one of the most popular types of synthetic fur. Been synthetic this fur can be designed to resemble any type of animal fur and it will take a professional to spot the difference.

Other types of material furs include Fox fur, Raccoon fur and Coyote fur etc

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