Men Balaclavas

Men’s Tactical Balaclavas

Men's tactical balaclava

Men Balaclavas are spotting accessories or for cold weather. They are needed to keep the head neck and face warm. Its mainly combined with other headgear for maximum protection.  They have a characteristic large single face opening that should help you pull it under your chin when not in use and pulled back above your nose when in use. It is common practice to combine a balaclava with a neck scarf.

Things to look for in a balaclava:

  • The balaclava should keep your neck warm. This is one of the most important aspects of a balaclava. Neck length should also be considered, shouldn’t be too short.
  • There should be enough opening in the balaclava to help you breathe. They should incorporate a little flap over the nose to help you breathe and stay warm at the same time.
  • Should keep you warm, you should be able to wipe your nose and lastly wearing glasses with the balaclava shouldn’t be a problem.

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