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Cowboy and western hats for men

Western hats came into existence in the mid 1860s and were made with a wide brim that effectively shielded the wearer from the scorching heat of the sun. The tall crown ensured that there was adequate insulation and air circulation around the head region. Hardly will you find a cowboy hat without a stylish hatband on the exterior surface.

The name cowboy hat came in because cow hands and ranchers were among the first set of visitors that wore them. They are ruggedly designed and can withstand most weather conditions. The most common material used for a cowboy hat is leather although felt and straw are also used.

It is worthy of note to mention J.B Stetson who was the first to start a marketing campaign of the hats. Today manufacturers have keyed into the western style fashion hats, producing different brands with unique style features. They also come in a wide variety of colors like tan, brown and black.

Today, fashion trends have deviated from the regular flat wide brims and rounded crowns to include modifications that either suits the taste of the individual or manufacturers style features. Some of these modifications to the original western hat could include:

  • A crease or couple of creases to the crown region
  • Decorations all around the hatband
  • Shorter brims or tilted brims. Etc

The Carlsbad and Montana Peak hats are a couple of modern western hats that incorporates one or two of these modifications. Here at menfashionnow.com we have selected some of the in-trend western/cowboy hats all in one place. You will do well to browse though our catalog to find the perfect western hat for you.

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