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Getting the best out of both worlds with a bowler hat might not be far fetched. The bowler hats are suitable for both casual and formal wears and are made with a wide range of materials. The bowler hat does have some history behind it that dates back to the Victorian era among the English working class. Along with the cowboy hats, the bowler hats were every bit as popular in the 19th century.

We have got a growing number of bowler hats at our catalog. It’s a great place to start your bowler hat shopping seeing we will only list that which will give you good value for your money.

When shopping for a bowler hat, size matters. Getting this wrong would lead to bad shopping experience. Use a measuring tape to measure around the wearer’s head and compare that length to established online charts. This should invariably reveal sizes in the range of x-small, xxx-small to xxx-large.

Factor in the shape of the wearer’s head when searching online as this could affect suitability, taste and size.

The most popular bowler hats are made from fur but it’s still common to find bowlers made from wool. These materials are visually appealing and can provide a first level insulation from cold elements.

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