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Types of Hats and Hat Sizes

Different Types of Hats – Features,Wearing Suitability and Hat Size Guide

Hats are a major accessory for gentlemen, hardly does a real gent leave the house without a hat or cap. The price of a hat is directly related to the fabric and styling of the hat.  There are some basic different types of hats styles very man should be aware of. Among the lot of brand hat styles are the Fedora hats, Trilby hats, Pork Pie hats, Homburg hats, Bowler hats, Panama hats, Western and cowboy hats, stockman, Flat caps, Newsboy hats, Ushanka hats, sun hat and baseball caps.

We have hand picked a true representation of these hats. Choosing the right hat is a function of symmetry that ensures you look dapper.  The shape and size of your head is something you will want to put into consideration. In terms of functionality a good hat should protect you from the elements, streamline you face so it appears taller and adequately cover imperfections of the upper head.

In terms of style, fedoras were considered to be a leading brand but depending on the clothes to match other types like the pork pie or the panama have proven to be equally useful.  As far as functionality is concerned the most important part of a hat is the “Taper” and it describes how narrow the crown of a hat is. There is always a hat out there for your height, shape of face or size of your head. Short full faced individuals should look to buying a fedora or panama with a crown of medium height and size. Long thin faced individuals will do well with hats that shortens the appearance of the face(look for a Homburg, derby or fedora with a slight tilt to the side). Some fedoras and Homburgs come with a moderate taper that appeal to individuals with top-heavy face and narrow chin. Square faced individuals should look to a pork pie or a bowler hat.

Those with prominent and receding chins are better of with Trilby or porkpie hats. It is also recommended that those with long nose and prominent ears should stylishly pick a hat with a brim as wide as possible. This might help to cover the ears or draw attention a away from them.

Hat Size – How to Measure Hat Size

how to measure hat size
Hat Size Chart

It’s really easy measuring Hat size and by no means rocket science. Just follow these steps

  1. Using a measuring tape, place the tap around your head to measure the length of your head (Circumference). Ensure the tape is exactly where you want the hat to rest, this, usually is about 1/8 inch above the ears.
  2. Hold the tape tightly but not too firmly to allow little allowances. Remove the tape and and take note of the measurement.
  3. Lastly, compare with Hat size charts just like the one we have above. Its common practice to choose the next largest hat size if your hat size falls between two chart measurements. That’s it, our simple three step guide on how to measure hat size.

Why you wear a hat or cap is totally up to you. One thing is sure; the versatility the hat brings to both color and cloth combination cannot be over-emphasized. Make your pick from our different types of hats selection :

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