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Gloves and Mittens for men

Gloves and Mittens for Men

Men's leather Gloves

Gloves are the most important accessory to the hand during the winter season. They add a layer of sophistication to your dress attire. A well fitted leather glove worn with a suit can represent affluence and good fashion sense. The traditional gloves for men has separate sheaths for all five fingers while the mitten which is a variation to the traditional glove has just one sheath for the thumb while the other four fingers are encapsulated in a single sheath.

Primarily the major function of the glove is for protecting the hands and digits form cold, debris, friction, disease e.t.c They also serve as a beautiful piece of fashion accessory that can complement your look. There are different types of gloves out there and listing them could be quite daunting but the most popular types are sporting gloves, fingerless gloves, work gloves, fashion gloves and a host of others

The major materials used for making gloves include leather(most popular), latex and wool.

Types of Gloves for Men

Winter Gloves

Most of these gloves pair well with suit and are mainly made from cashmere lined leather. Built to withstand harsh cold weather and a bit of wetness these gloves come in a range of sporty styles to formal styles. Look out for the touch screen gloves that are made with conductive materials that allow the wearer use it while operating a smartphone.

Evening Gloves

These are made from kidskin or Nappa leather, basically. Other materials could include silk, cotton or linen. They usually come unlined for that elegant fitting for the evening attire. The length varies with some reaching as far as the elbow while others just the wrist. However the longer ones are more common with women of style. These gloves are the perfect formal accessories matching both suits, dinner jackets and over coats.

Protective Gloves

Just as the name implies, for protection and are quite different from athletic gloves. Hospital gloves, firefighting gloves, police and military gloves fall into this category.

Driving Gloves

These gloves originated as a result of the wooden driving steering in the past. They are still fashionable till date and can form part of a man’s wardrobe. They assist with grip and provide a layer of cushioning that’s suited for luxurious cars.

Fingerless Gloves

For those who abhor the comfort of a sheath, fingerless gloves where made. They still provide the protection needed with an added advantage of maximum free movement of the fingers. These are very popular among bikers.

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