Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Earmuffs for men

Earmuffs for men

Earmuffs for men

Truth be told, earmuffs are a great piece of accessory for men. I know there a lot of fashion enthusiast out there who think earmuffs are outdated, for kids and at best feminine. I beg to disagree. It all depends on the wearing purpose. While I would never recommend them as a staple fashion accessory they still come in handy during winter season, with balaclavas and the more fashionable types with MP3, for exercises.

Earmuffs for men designed to cover the ears are made for protection and warmth and whoever said they can’t be fashionable is a dick head. The design incorporates a thermoplastic head-band and a double pad at each end to cover the ears.

Thermal earmuffs as the name suggest are best suited for cold weather and are characteristically designed with fur or other thick clothing. Acoustic earmuffs are designed to protect the ears form deafening environmental noise.

For protection from cold the 180’s metro ear warmers and the 180s chesterfield ear warmers will do just fine. They have been classically built to also appear fashionable. For extra functionality, think the 180’s Exolite sonic warmer with speakers or the Bluetooth enhanced ear warmers.

We have some of the more fashionable ear warmers and earmuffs in this section at reasonable prices. Shop our wide section of earmuffs for men.

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