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Dress Scarfs for Men

Dress Scarfs for Men

Dress Scarfs for men

Dress scarf for men is a fashion accessory worn round the neck to give an extra style to your dress attire. Most scarfs are just simple rectangular pieces of clothe that are normally about 10 inches wide and 65 inches long. Not only is the scarf for fashion, they provide value in inclement weather. The history of the scarf dates back to over 2000 years where they have been in the staples of men’s wardrobe.

A simple look at aviators of the 80’s and 90’s would reveal the versatility and importance of the scarf where they either served as part of platoon uniforms or rank designators. Today, the importance of the dress scarf for men cannot be over emphasized.

But why put on a dress scarf? The number one reason is in its function of protecting the neck. Think about a thick wool fabric scarf and you are not far from the truth. A thick fabric scarf can serve to protect your neck from the cold while a lightweight scarf can do justice in shading your neck from the sun. The second most important reason for putting on a scarf is in the fair it can provide. The wide range of colors available can add an additional layer of style that compliments your outfit.

The major materials used in producing the scarf are wool, cashmere, cotton and linen. These are the basic and primary materials used for producing stylish scarves. Other secondary materials are angora, silk, synthetic materials and a blend of two material types.

We have carefully selected some of the best scarfs for men in this section. You will do well to look into our catalogue as we have them in various material types, colors and length.

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Shop with confidence. Get that scarf accessory to compliment your attire.

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