Polka Dot Fashion Styles for Men


Polka Dot Fashion Styles for Men

In recent time’s polka dot fashion has become a game changer with fashion houses and outlets adorning these prints. If you have ever wondered how you can pull off this new fashion trend worry no more. This guide will get you through the process of wearing polka dot prints.

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Polka dots prints are not new. They have been in existence since the 80’s and will continue way into the future.  They bring back memories of 80’s fashion and your badly dressed uncle. Although most claim polka dots are out of fashion they are staging a comeback.

If you are not used to wearing bold prints, polka dots can be a little tricky to pull off. But with the proper guidance, some tips, and tricks, you will be rocking this bold print in no time at all.

Men’s Polka Dot Shirts

Starters and first-timers into the polka dot fashion should opt for a polka dot shirt before trying on any other items of clothing. Polka dot shirts or spotted shirts as they are popularly called are one of the coolest prints to put on year round. They were popularized a few years ago by Harry Styles.

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Design outlets have made a killing with these shirts. You will find them in a wide range of colors and styles with varying sizes of the dot prints.  The most classic of them all are black and blue shirts adorned with white polka dots all over. A favorite combination of mine is white polka dots on blue shirts, classic!

Keep other outfits neutral so you don’t appear overboard. Your shirt already has all the attention drawn to it so it would be unwise to complicate things with other printed trousers.  A simple pair of pants and shoes will do.

Polka Dot Trousers for Men

If you are feeling adventurous, another statement piece to consider will be polka dot trousers. They aren’t too popular like polka dot shirts but they are quite unique. However, you need to be at your sartorial best to make it work. Do not add more colors or prints to your outfit since the polka dot trousers will be doing all the talking.

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Use a striped shirt to add a bit of contrast to the polka dot trousers if taking things to the next level is on your agenda.  Polka dot trousers aren’t for everyone.  If you must wear them try as much as possible to get it right.

Polka Dot Scarfs for Men

Those who love polka dots but aren’t in tune or do not like the idea of a polka dot trouser or shirt can opt to use a polka dot accessory like a scarf to spice things up. We are aware that a good scarf is the perfect winter accessory, you can subtly incorporate the present or pasted trend without going overboard.

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Go for bold colors and statement scarf pieces. Break away from the regular norm of a black and white polka dot and try out red or green. You will find them extremely stylish, red and green scarfs with white polka dots.

How to Wear Polka Dot (Summary)

  • If you want to pull polka dots off make sure you combine them with neutral looks.
  • First timers would opt for a polka dot shirt before progressing into more daring pieces.
  • Use a polka dot scarf if you lack the required confidence to style a polka dot shirt or trouser.

Final Word

Although most people came polka dot styles are dated there is no rule in the book that says they can’t be worn properly these days. In fact, there has been a resurgence of polka dot fashion in houses and fashion shows. If you are confident enough to go ahead and style a polka dot shirt, better still wear polka dot trousers. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit neutral as the polka dot clothes you wear will always be the center of attraction.


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