Buying and Styling a Pinstripe Suit – Complete Guide

Buying a pinstripe suit

Pinstripe Suit – Complete Guide

The Pinstripe suit is not what you see from gentlemen often; they are usually associated with highly sophisticated professionals mainly from the banking and finance sector. However, the pinstripe suit is having a new revolution and most fashion savvy individuals are keying into the infamous versatility this suit offers.

To play things safe, it’s our recommendation that you make the pinstripe suit your 4th or 5th suit, not the first or the second suit pair.

“I don’t recommend a pinstripe suit to probably a man’s fifth suit at the earliest, ” says Antonio Centeno owner, CEO and content strategist at realmenrealstyle.

He also recommends solid color suits as your regular go-to suits before purchasing a pinstripe, “So navy and charcoal solid suits, those should be in every man’s wardrobe. Those are your go-to suits. And after that, you want to maybe look at a light gray, a medium gray, or a tuxedo” says Antonio

“So navy and charcoal solid suits, those should be in every man’s wardrobe. Those are your go-to suits. And after that, you want to maybe look at a light gray, a medium gray, or a tuxedo” says Antonio

It is imperative therefore to have your first three suits in bold colors at the least the reason is that bold colors are way more versatile than pinstripes. Think navy blue, Charcoal gray and black. You definitely have to have those before thinking of buying a pinstripe suit.

Who can wear a Pinstripe suit?

I would strictly limit the use of a pinstripe suit from semi-formal to formal occasions. That said pinstripes are not met for bankers and financial experts only, anyone can wear them.

Wearing a pinstripe suit

The vertical stripes are particularly pleasing for most guys as they love the slimming effect it has. However, I cannot overemphasize the importance of how the width of the vertical lines can make or mar the entire suit.

Thin stripes will definitely make you look dapper but wider stripes are too loud and can actually make you look heavier.

This is not to say thin stripes are the way to go all the time, for taller guys it can actually make you look lankier than usual, the key is to find a balance with the stripes that accentuate your style and figure.

Quality is good but fitting is king. You should take your newly purchased suit to a tailor for proper slim fitting touches. The pinstripe jacket should be tailored to the midsection and the shoulder region while the pants must be tapered throughout.

Style advice on how to wear a Pinstripe Suit

Balance the Stripe

The suit, tie, and shirt. Of these only two should be of a similar pattern. Having your suit and tie in pinstripe will mean you have to make the shirt of solid color.

Pinstripe suit dress combination

Whichever way you deem fit, Fashion style article from says:

“Keep in mind that the “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” rule applies here. This means that if you’re choosing to pattern-clash, make sure that one of the core three suiting items (tie, shirt, suit) is solid. Unless you’re a seasoned sartorial superstar who is experienced at mixing three all-out patterns (which, unless your name is Nick Wooster, we don’t recommend), keep one solid item in the mix to ground the patterns”.

Matching the Shirt

One useful rule is to make the color of the shirt same as that of the stripe. Subtle but classic, people will hardly notice it. However, if matching the shirt with the stripes makes the suit look dated then opt for bolder colors and patterned shirt to spice things up a little.


Going out all stripes might be a little difficult to pull off but if you feel your style skills are out of this world then wearing stripes of different widths might help you achieve the all stripe look.

Accessories to match

A nice pocket square can even things up for a pinstripe suit. Think also French cufflinks to add a touch of formality. Round it off with a stainless steel watch to match lighter colored pinstripe suit.


The best Low Cost, high-quality Pinstripe Suits in stores

Black Pinstripe Suit

Milano Moda Pinstripe Suit in Black, Brown, Navy, and Tan

The best bang for your money will be this highly rated Milano Moda pinstripe suit that offers a combination of style and quality. The contrasting collar matches perfectly with cuffs and the vest. The Polyrayon fabric provides a wool feel that is second to none. A verified customer purchase from Khana says:

“Hubby loved it and he looked great in it. The crotch in the pants is a little shorter than expected. Heads up – just in case you did not realize it (because we didn’t, ugh!!!), the pants are not hemmed. We would purchase this suit again in the future (different color) with a slight adjustment on size for the “short crotch area”. BTW – the material of the suits is better than expected for the price”

Product Details

4 Button

Single Breasted Pinstripe suit

Contrasting collar

In Black, Brown, Navy, and Tan

Buy Now

Stacy Adams Men’s Vested 3 Piece Pinstripe Suit

You have got to love Stacy Adams because they really deliver on all their products. The Stacy Adams suits for men are your go-to brand when you require nicely made suits on a low budget. The three piece single breasted suit features a peak lapel, two button closure and welt pocket at the left chest.

This suit will pair up nicely with a solid white shirt and a patterned or paisley tie suitable for boardroom events and other formal occasions.


Polyester & Rayon in 90:10 ratio

Single Breasted

Buy Now

Slim Fitted Pinstripe Suit

This suit offers a modern twist to the infamous and dated look of a regular pinstripe. This should fit the profile of most young and aspiring entrepreneurs. The jacket features a single breast, notch label, and double vents.

The pants are flat fronted with a button waist tab and 2 angled front pockets. Look into sizing guide and customer review advice before making a final size decision. Comes in black, gray and navy blue pinstripe.

Product Details

Cotton Blend

Single Breasted Pinstripe suit

Flat Front Pants

Solid bold matching tie included

Buy Now


Blue Pinstripe Suit

The blue version of this pinstripe suit is as physically attractive as it is in pictures, for those daring to break free from the regular black pinstripe this blue color offers something unique. Made from a blend of viscose fiber and polyester fiber what you have is a high-quality blue pinstripe suit at low cost


Material: Polyester/Viscose fiber

Single breasted

Modern Fit  – Slim Fitted

Buy Now 


Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit

Double breasted pinstripe might not be as fashionable as their single breasted counterparts but they do have their place in the fashion trend. In other not to look too dated with this style of suit, pair them with a white button shirt and a modern paisley tie in the same shade as the stripes. Keep all other accessories modern to keep up with the 21st century.

Suit Details

Material: Cellulose acetate blend with cotton

Double breasted

Ideal for weddings, festive and formal occasions.

Buy Now


Classic Plaid Pinstripe Suit

Step up your game with this uniquely designed plaid pinstripe suit. You will love the slim fit and modern silhouette this suit offers.

The bold plaid line designs make this suit go well for formal occasions while the jacket can be paired rightly with a quality polo shirt for an evening out in the bar.

Suit Details

Material: Cellulose acetate and Cotton blend

Modern slim fit

Features:  Notch lapel, flap pocket

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Pinstripe Suit Styling Advice

Wide Length Pinstripe with paisley tie

Pinstripe suit with paisley tie

Wider length pinstripe suit correctly matched with a similar shade paisley tie. Look how the whole attire blends seamlessly with the shoe. Very classic thumbs up.

Pinstripe Suit with Bold Tie

Pinstripe suit with bold tie
Pinstripe suit with bold tie Source:

The regular deep colored black pinstripe suit easily paired with a quality regular white shirt but with a little twist of style paring with a deep color velvet bold tie. #stylish

Pinstripe Suit with Scarf and Hat


Pinstripe suit and scarf

From left to right, see how the gray colored wide brim fedora hat fits perfectly to the entire gray attire.

The dark band on the brim stylishly matches the black oversized scarf while the stripe button shirt is in the same shade as the pinstripe suit lines.

Finally, the choice of tie must have come from professional advice, look how the slightly slanted horizontal tie balances things off. The middle image we have illustrated above while the far right image is a nice way to blend double breasted pinstripe with a polo shirt.

Styling a Blue Pinstripe Suit

Blue Pinstripe suit

Blue pinstripe suit style examples: See how the different shades of blue pair nicely with some solid colored ties. The pocket square accessory helps balance things off.  The polka dot tie is a personal favorite of mine.

Leonardo Inspired Pinstripe Suit

Leonardo di Caprio wearing pinstripe suit

See how Armani’s design of this pinstripe suit makes Leonardo di Caprio look like one with broad shoulders. The broad-shouldered suit and the large lapels do justice to that. Balancing it off with a broad solid colored tie in Windsor knot to kill it off.

Indochino Double Pinstripe Suit Example

Indochino double pinstripe suit

Made to measure Indochino double pinstripe suit punctuated by double stripes of light gray and blue paired with a complimentary solid tie and an off color pocket square.

Charcoal Pinstripe Suit Combination

Your standard charcoal pinstripe suit, with alternating chocolate brown stripes and pale blue stripes. These double pinstripes are more trendy these days and are very good looking when paired with a solid color or stylish stripe tie.

James Bond Movie Inspired Pinstripe Suit

James Bond Pinstripe suit

The Navy pinstripe suit is a classic boardroom winner any day anytime, see how Rory Kinnear who appeared as Bill Tanner in the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and Skyfall killed it. The polka dot navy tie and the striped shirt seamlessly blend the combination into an effortless cool appearance.

Bold Color Silver Tie and Pocket Square with Pinstripe

Pinstripe suit
Pinstripe suit with bold silver tie and pocket square

Pinstripe suit with a bold colored silver tie; A classic example of keeping two out of the three major aspects of a suit similar. See how the sliver tie is complimented by the dress shirt and pocket square.

Pinstripe Suit with Cross Dotted Tie

Pinstripe suit with dotted tie
Pinstripe suit with cross dotted tie

Dark Gray Pinstripe paired with an equally striped with button down shirt in the same shade as the squarely folded pocket square. The blue cross dotted tie just finishes off the look. Here the width of the stripes is important for that smart, dapper look.



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