Personalized Corporates Gifts

Personalized Socks- Set of 5 Pairs

“Getting comfy isn’t one-size fits all. You’ve got a favorite for everything, from sleeping positions to fleece jackets. Now, with this 5 pair set of Supima™ cotton socks, you’ll take personal comfort to another level with a knitted phrase of your choosing. Stick to a classic monogram with initials at the ankle and full name across the toes, wish someone a Happy Birthday or remind pop of his #1 Dad status. The possibilities are endless—as long as they fit within eight characters at the ankle and twenty characters across the toes. Made to order in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.”

personalized socks set of 5 pairs

Big Personality Desk Signs

“Remind co-workers and kiddos who’s the boss with these sassy signs that make light of your leadership role, whether you’re the CEO of a company or the COO of your household. Embellished with cheeky sayings, these retro-styled signs work overtime to liven up your office, study, or thinking spot. Made in Covina, California and St. George, Utah.”

big personality desk signs

Ballpark Seat Pens: Color Top

“Give fans of America’s favorite pastime a gift that really steps up to the plate! With these collector’s rollerball pens baseball fans can hold onto their seats year-round. After being removed from iconic stadiums due to remodeling or demolition, salvaged seats are hand-turned into one-of-a-kind writing tools. Attractive and functional, the pen’s smooth barrel has a slim profile, making it easy to handle when it’s time to hit those epiphanies out of the park.”

ballpark seat pens color top

A special way to honor the role these stadiums play in the history of the game, each retractable pen is laser engraved with its stadium’s name and the years the seat was in use. Each keepsake pen is topped with a computer cut slender disc featuring the seat’s original paint along with rhodium plated accents.

Custom Map and Pen Desk Set

“It takes hard work and a clear vision to make your place in this world, and this custom-made desk set celebrates both the journey and the destination. Sealed into its base is a custom map highlighting your choice of location: corporate headquarters, the site of a legendary achievement, a reminder of where you come from, or any other meaningful place. Paired with a sophisticated chrome pen holder, it makes work a little easier while reminding you of your big picture goals and accomplishments.”

custom map and pen desk set

Wooden State Journal

“Bearing a birch inlay in the shape of your choice of US state, this journal’s sustainably sourced cedar cover makes a gorgeous frame for its 96 lined pages. Whether it’s a traveler’s impressions, a recent graduate’s dreams, a cook’s favorite recipes, or a newly promoted manager’s big plans, this journal will faithfully preserve those moments of thought, no matter what state of the union—or of mind—they happen to be written in.”

wooden state journal

Best Self Success Journal

“Organize and align your tactical, day-to-day tasks with larger life goals with this practical planner that allows you to structure your day while keeping an eye on the big picture. The SELF-journal takes the fundamentals of success touted by the world’s top performers and distills the key learnings into a single, flexible system.

A canvas for your big-picture goals and everyday plans all in one place, the journal has an innovative framework that allows you to plan your long- and short-term goals, break them down into manageable pieces, and integrate your tasks into your daily agenda so you know you’re on the right track. Unlike traditional planners, it also incorporates proven positive psychology fundamentals, encouraging you to share your gratitude each morning and evening, explore a new habit, and reflect on your wins and learnings.”

best self success journal

All Natural Shoe Care Kit

“Keep your favorite shoes looking spiffy with this all-natural shoe care kit. Packaged in a reusable wooden crate, the kit includes three shoe treatments made from plant-based, vegan ingredients free from mink oil: the cream safely removes salt stains from shoes; the serum penetrates cracks and crevices to moisturize worn uppers (including vegan leather); and the tonic provides a finishing polish. Handmade by Christophe Pourny in Brooklyn, New York.”

all natural shoe care kit


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