Outfits you can wear to Concerts


Outfits you can wear to Concerts

Concerts are held around the world for different reasons and for different classes of people. If you want to pull off a good concert outfit, understanding the kind of concert is key. Different concert requires different modes of dressing. What works for one can be disastrous for another.  It‘s for this reason we have to put this guide together on the kind of outfits you can wear to concerts.

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It’s quite tricky to figure out the kind of dress to wear to a particular concert. Some require that your dress codes are formal why others require a more casual outfit. Still, you’ll be better off using a smart-casual dress code for some.  Don’t worry we have all concert dress codes figured out in this guide. Read on.

Concert Outfits

Outfitting to a Concert Gig

Concert gig in a local club does not require sophisticated dress codes. A pair of jeans can go a long way for a local gig concert. Just as you would hang out with friends in the local club wearing slim cut jeans and a t-shirt, dress the same way to a concert gig. For starters grey or black denim jeans, and blue jeans are your best bet when he comes to wearing the right outfit for a concert gig.

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Printed t-shirts with logos can work wonders for this location.  The trick is to keep things simple and don’t go overboard with your dressing. If you want to add a little bit of sophistication you can go with a turtleneck sweatshirt to liven things up.

Denim jackets are good layering options for a concert gig.  They are always in trend and look good if worn rightly. If you’d rather go with denim on denim, make them of different shades.

What you can wear to the Operas

Going for concert operas means that you have to look strictly formal.  The orchestra and those organizing the event will be on gowns and black suit and tie so it’s expedient then that you should look the same. Even if this is your first time visiting the opera you should at least have your tuxedo on just like you do to a wedding party.

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Pair in your black suit and tie with a pair of black shoes and white shirt to top it off.

 What to put on to an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts are a little rough and rugged so it is important that you put on clothes that can resist wear and tear.  Unless you’ll be standing at the Coachella at the VIP section there is every likelihood that you could pick up a lot of dirt because of the open nature of the place.

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If you want to remain marginally comfortable in an outdoor concert experiment with a pair of boots, jeans, and a t-shirt to match.   Layer with a denim or leather jacket to fight off the cold if the outdoor concert gets into the night or is held in colder months.

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Concert during winter (What to wear)

Winter concert, just as the name implies are held during the winter season and demands that participants wear clothing that can keep them warm.  No one is saying you shouldn’t look stylish; you can look stylish in warm winter clothes.

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First start off with a solid pair of boots, then work your way up to some rugged jeans.   A heavy sweatshirt for the upper half of the body is ideal.  Layer with a warm peacoat over the sweatshirt.  Your layering options are advantageous if the winter concert is indoors.  You have the liberty of taking the outer peacoat off to reveal your inner sweatshirt. Don’t forget to take a small backpack to keep your coats assuming the concert doesn’t have a cloakroom.

Outfits you can wear to a Reggae Concert

Raggae concert clothing

Outfitting to a reggae concert can be quite confusing.  A lot of questions will pop up about what to wear and what not to wear.  Depending on the kind of reggae concert the first thing you should think about are things that you shouldn’t be wearing. This is not the time to go Rasta like in your teenage days.  Try to keep things simple, a casual pair of trousers with a loose fitting t-shirt can just make things work. Look to your favorite pair of trainers for extra sophistication.

Outfits to a Country Concert

Country concerts are quite different from reggae concerts. Unlike reggae concerts where you are trying to avoid all the cliché, country music fans have more outfit options.

It’s time to bring out the plaid and check shirt long sleeves. Use a pair of converse shoes with some dark wash jeans to add a little contemporary twist to the country home music attire.  Just as I have said earlier, the plaid shirt works wonders.

Outfits to a Rock Concert

The outfit you pick to a rock concert typically depends on who the performer is.  Generally, your outfit must incorporate a form of shiny leather jackets adorned with rings and chains. Mix those leather jackets with a pair of black or blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a polished Chelsea boot. Ready to rock and roll.


Festival Wear (Dress samples)

During festivals, people are often inundated which choices of what to wear. If you’re looking for the appropriate clothing for festivals, look no more.  Here at Menfashionnow we have broken things down showing samples and pictorial examples of what we think are great fitting clothes and attires for festivals.  One rule of thumb is to avoid the popular festival check shirt and short styles.  The festivals are not a time to blend in but to stand out from the crowd.

How to dress for a Concert in a NutShell

  • Comfort is the watchword when it comes to choosing the appropriate clothing for concerts.
  • Pay attention to the type of concert and dress appropriately for it.
  • Most concerts require that you stand for long hours.  Therefore it is important that your footwear be of high quality and very comfortable.
  • When it comes to dressing for concerts try as much as possible to be prepared for all kinds of weather.  Bring in a light jacket for the cold making sure that your inner clothing is comfortable in case the weather gets hot.
  • Avoid wearing a plaid shirt when you are going to a concert. Wearing plaid shirts are too popular with concerts.

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Final word

Here you have it, our own take on what we think is appropriate for major concerts.  This is by no means an exhaustive guide as to what you can wear to any kind of concert.  Just take it as a base to which you can build up the appropriate outfit for any concert.  If you have any other ideas and outfit combination you think we missed please drop a comment below.


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