Omega semester planet oceans XL  is a watch backed by a lot of omega history and tradition. It has a classy retro look of Dive watches of the 60’s, beautiful and impressively designed.
Omega Seamaster Planet ocean Xl
Omega Seamaster Planet ocean Xl

 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Case

There are two different variants to the case size representing the old and newer visions, the 42mm and 45.5mm case sizes. If you have a small wrist you might be better off with the 42mm case watch. The 45.5m Omega Seamester planet ocean XL case is massive and well constructed.  It is large enough to command noticeable presence on your wrist but small enough to fit under your sleeves.

Omega did put a lot into the brushed and polished finish of the case, making it reflect light in a stylish way. The casing is 15mm height with no sharp or pointed edges, extremely comfortable, fitting nicely just below your cuff and coat.  It’s a self winding watch with  approximately 44 hours of power time. Keeping the watch wound is an inbuilt mechanism that operates via the motion of your arm. The branded crown sits proportional to the dimensions of the watch, easy to use and grip.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Bezel

With samples of the Seamester planet ocean i have seen, I think there are two variants to the dial which are complementary to the bezel color. The black Bezel is available with the white numerals; a nice blend of color (white on-black), and like a nice orange bag matches a pretty orange dress the I have only seen the orange numeral dial with the orange bezel insert.

Clicking counter clockwise around the dial, the bezel sits comfortably in the case. In case you need to use the bezel you will find that it is easy. Why? Because it, was built to sit a little bit above the body of the case.  In comparison to other watches in its category, this watch is relatively heavy, weighs about half a pound and fitted with a starch resistant sapphire crystal.

The Bezel Ring

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Dial and Hands

The intricate details in this watch might justify its high price. A lot went into creating this model. Don’t sweat behind the price, look beyond it. Quality is the watch word.

  • For easy readability the watch has very broad polished hour and minute markers. This allows space for luminova which is immobilized to the surface by rhodium. The color from the luminova, they say, can last for 10 hours.
  • Extending to the minute makers is the minute hand for accurate time taking.
  • The numerals 12, 9 and 6 could be white or orange in other models while the date is located at the 3 O’Clock spot. Easy to read.
  • The Helium release valve or decompression chamber is located close to the ten O’ clock spot.
  • The Omega symbol is located just below the 12 O’ Clock numeral.  Easy to fake tho.  A genuine omega planet ocean watch should have a special laser etched symbol at the back of the watch along with its engraved serial number.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Bracelet and Clasp

Daniel Craig in the James Bond Movie “Casino Royal’ wore a rubber strap Omega semester planetocean 150m. Guess that’s where the watch got its theater popularity. The bracelet does add a little weight to the watch, but that’s OK. With no sharp edges and improved rounded links, it fits perfectly on the arm.  There is a diver’ extension included and it has a depth rating of 2000ft.  The clasp uses an Omega two push mechanism i.e. by simultaneously pushing two buttons to release it (something that can’t be done accidentally).  All in all the Seamester bracelet is solid, comfortable and designed not to jangle off your wrist or pull your arm hair.

Seamaster Bracelet and clasp
Seamaster Bracelet and clasp

Omega Seamester Planet Ocean Movement

The Omega co-axial movement invented by George Daniels is rumored to be fused with the ETA-2892-A2 movement to reinvent an ultra accurate Omega Caliber 2500 co-axial movement (COSC-certified, four years warranty).  Superb. I had to hook-up official website to learn more; and like they say the heart behind every mechanical watch movement is the escapement. The ingenue and quality craftsmanship put in to design the escapement of the co-axial movement has been pivotal in making watches with less friction, greater  mechanical efficiency, and improved chromomatric performance.

Boxing and Packaging

Quality watches are a form of hardware investment nothing could be further from truth. If you are buying the omega Seameaster planet ocean XL watch new, be rest assured it has good second hand value. Omega doesn’t flood the market with lots of a particular brand and in a few years time they become limited editions. With this in mind you must keep the contents of the box including the receipt in a safe place.

The packaging is quite beautiful, you will find the watch in a standard Omega red box carefully laid within the white cardboard box which also houses the manual, the warranty card, COSC certificate and a pictograph.

Beautiful Box and packaging of the Seamaster collections
Beautiful Box and packaging of the Seamaster collections


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