The Seamaster Aqua Terra 38.5mm chronometer watch is a series of watches in the Aqua Terra collection. For those who find the semester Aqua Terra 41.5mm too heavy or to large would prefer the 38.5mm version. The Aqua Terra 35.5mm premiered in the James Bond movie ‘sky fall.’  Of these collection line, the black teak dial in my opinion is quite stylish.

The omega master co-Axial 38.5mm collection has at present 14 models. These models range from the steel on steel type, to the steel on leather strap, steel- red gold on leather strap, steel-yellow gold on leather strap, steel-red gold on steel-red gold, steel- yellow gold etc. These models come also in a variety of dial and index colors making them visually appealing and unique.

Casing And Strap

The cases for the steel on steel are stainless. Stainless steel are a class of metal alloy mainly fabricated form 10.5% chromium by mass. It doesn’t corrode/rust or stain like other materials do. It combines the properties of steel and corrosion resistance materials. The leather strap models are solidly built from strong leather but with a soft touch to the skin.

The Sapphire Crystal

This watch line are made with a scratch resistant crystal. That is not to say they are scratch proof. To say a watch is scratch proof would mean that the crystal is able to withstand any form of abrasion and bear no scratches, something most watch makers cant guarantee.

The Aqua Terra collections are able to withstand minor scratches, but they are not scratch proof. Its made of sapphire which is more resistant to scratches than ordinary materials. Sapphire crystals are mainly used in high end watches. The anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal is a kind of optical coating on the crystal aimed at reducing reflection and improving the mint beautiful nature of the watch by eliminating stray light.

The Aqua Terra 38.5mm collections are water resistant to 150m.  This doesn’t mean they can withstand prolonged pressure at 150m depth, it just means that the static test pressure of a new model exposed to a leakage test was 150m.


The 38.5mm watch boost a robust calibre 8500 movement. They are highly accurate losing about a second daily which is within international standards. The movement utilizes the silicon balance spring system that improves its shock resistant capacity and mitigates the effect of magnetism.


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