Mini safe wallet for men


Mini safe wallet – Portable Metallic RFID Security wallet for Credit Cards

The wallet is one constant feature in men’s fashion accessory that has remained through thick and thin. There are different styles of leather wallets in online and departmental stores but when it comes to security and protection none of these leather wallets provide the required security that the mini safe wallet offers. The wallet will continue to be a quintessential part of men’s fashion accessory and can add glamour to any dress ensemble.

Take it or leave it, card thefts have upgraded the way they steal information from victims. They don’t even have to physically hold the card to get the details they require. By using a specialized equipment and at close proximity your credit card details could be stolen. This is where a min safe wallet that acts as an anti-theft comes in handy. The specialized metallic case can help demagnetize magnetic waves emanating from the hacker’s device. This RFID protection wallet creates a demagnetizing force field against electronic thefts.

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Why do you need a mini safe wallet?

Of course, the main purpose of a wallet is to carry various items like credit cards, identity cards, complimentary cards and as well as money. Regular wallets will protect these items from the elements, which for some serious-minded persons isn’t rocked’ solid. The highest protection these wallets will offer is against wear and tear.

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What about more dangerous threats like data theft? We put it to you that the regular leather wallet offers no protection against more insidious threats as unauthorized data theft. Here is a step by step process of how the hackers steal valuable data from your credit cards:

  • Firstly they use RFID wireless technology to steal numbers, these RFID readers can be bought online or downloaded via a simple app.
  • Close proximity is key. All they need to do is get to within 6 inches of when you are about to make a transaction.
  • That’s it. In a matter of seconds, sensitive data can be stolen and stored.
  • All that is required of the hacker now is to use a small $300 machine to replicate your card and use it elsewhere

So there you have it. You don’t s even have to be a tech guru or some smart ass hacker to do these. It’s very easy and simple to do. Although cards can now be protected from RFID theft by wrapping them in a thin fold, wisdom demands that you take extra steps to protect yourself from data theft.

A lost wallet can mean more than just lost cash. Most people use their wallets to carry lots of items like ID cards and many important documents to the extent that wallet theft could be very devastating. You would agree with me that a misplaced wallet will probably lead you to report at the police station and probably the court house to swear affidavits before you will be able to recover some sensitive document.

I don’t know about you but I have no plans to give a scam artist, digital burglar or a hacker an easy lottery ticket. This is where the code wallet comes into play.

The Code Wallet

Characteristics/Features of a Good Code Wallet

Dimensions and weight:

A good code wallet should fit into the front pocket and not weigh more than 125g or 0.27lb and should be architectured in a slim fashion that looks compact without compromising on its storage capacity.

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Capacity is important:

If a good code wallet is to replace the regular leather wallet than it should have at least the same capacity or more space than the later. Look for code wallets with 12-15 card carrying spaces or 50 bank notes.


Of course, RFID blocking is an absolute must. If not, then it can’t be regarded as a code wallet. RFID security is an added layer of security that protects ID and other electronic cards from data theft. RFID must be an integral part of the wallet to offer protection against demagnetization.

Code Combination:

Most coded wallet come in a three coded number blocking system that allows for over 1000 different unique combinations. It should be easily unlocked by getting the right combination and a change in a single digit should equally lock the wallet.

Metal casing:

As one of the most durable wallets in the market, the lock and code system should be ideally made from zinc alloy. The body ought to have an aluminum shield that adds a layer of ruggedness to the wallet.

Tracking system:

Should have an inbuilt tracking system that could tell the location and distance of the wallet from the connected mobile device. The tracking system should be two way and both wallet and phone could be used to track themselves.

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Sound and alarm system:

Built-in ringer is good but not too important.


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