Polo Shirts Basics, all you need to Know

Polo shirts, golf shirt, tennis shirt are a form of shirt with a placket with 2 and 3 buttons, collar and probably an optional pocket. It’s a famous clothing among men.

Polo shirt for men was basically inspired by the long sleeve, button-down shirts of polo players and then it upgraded to short sleeve modern look by tennis players;  Frequently worn by  tennis players, golf players and popular among most age groups. You can use it as an athletic wear, causal wear with jeans or dressed up for semi formal gathering.

These are some of the most versatile shirts for summer. Very man should have one, or two or a couple in various colors and designs. The pairing combinations of a polo shirt are endless. Because of its short sleeves and breath-ability it is very popular during the summer months.

 Top 10 polo shirts.

1. Nike Dri-FIT Victory Golf Polo

This has to be my number one pick simply because of its Dri-Fit technology.  It acts by removing sweat from the body towards the surface where it evaporates leaving the skin cool flesh and dry. This high-performance microfiber polo shirt is very popular among athletes. It doesn’t soak up perspiration unlike what cotton does till thoroughly wet, Nike Dri-Fit polo shirt removes the sweat out of the inner garment to the outer surface where it evaporates. The technology will work well during summer in which the atmosphere is relatively dry but will under-perform in very humid or rainy conditions.

Men's Nike Dri-Fit polo shirt
Men’s Nike Dri-Fit polo shirt

2. Lacoste Original Cotton Pique Polo

In second place the the lacoste original cotton polo shirt. Made from 100% cotton this high end polo shirt is a must have. Available in multiple bright colors the iconic croc logo is apparent on these shirts. The woven cotton fabric makes it soft, stylish and classic.

Men's Lacoste 100% Original cotton Polo shirt
Men’s Lacoste 100% Original cotton Polo shirt

3. Tommy Hilfiger Classic Striped Polo Shirt

This baby is made from unique pique materials that is a sure wardrobe stable for men. The silhouette styling is timeless and can compliment a very wide range of dress combinations. You’re looking for a classic polo shirt right? You can’t go wrong with this lovely shirt. Its unique, its beautiful and the right size on your body will do you a whole lot of good.

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Striped Polo Shirt

4. Polo Ralph Lauren Men Classic-Fit Mesh Polo

This is a classic fit Polo shirt that is good value for money. The trusted brand Ralph Lauren hasn’t disappointed fans of its brand with this masterpiece. The Mesh Polo comes in a variety of colors. In my opinion the solid colors are a steal. The pony embroidered logo rest to the left of the chest with the two button placket just below the ribbed collar.

The high quality fabrics will stand the test of time. Even if you pass it though many machine wash cycles they will still look like a day old Polo. That’s if you for the machine wash instructions. You can have this shirt for half the price you will get in a regular store.

 Polo Ralph Lauren Men Classic-Fit Mesh Polo
Polo Ralph Lauren Men Classic-Fit Mesh Polo

5. Hanes Men’s X-Temp Performance Polo Shirt

This machine wash polo shirt is a nice blend of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. It is a tag-free label that incorporates a three-button placket.  This Polo shirt dries faster as body heat rises hereby maintaining a cool temperature. All this is made possible by Hanes men’s X-temp technology. This is a relatively lightweight shirt that doesn’t fade or shrink easily like every other Polo out there. For the price, it’s a steal. Click to view product

Hanes Men’s X-Temp Performance Polo Shirt
Hanes Men’s X-Temp Performance Polo Shirt

6. Hanes Men’s Comfotsoft Pique Polo

Made from 100% cotton this lightweight Polo is crisp enough for workdays and casual enough weekends. Pretty cheap but stands out form other Polo shirts in its league. Almost like you regular performance Polo shirt, not too soft tho, but still comfortable.

Hanes Men’s Comfotsoft Pique Polo
Hanes Men’s Comfotsoft Pique Polo

7. Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve-Solid Deck Polo Shirt

Beautiful Nautica Polo shirt with an embroidered chest logo just close to the two button placket. This is a classic fit once you get the size right. You will love the quality and attention to details Nautica places on their Polo brands,. If you don’t have one of these then invest a little on a couple of colors. They still retain their shape even after washing. You will find the wicking fabric of these Polo’s a nice alternative to 100% cotton. They might not even need ironing after drying.

Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve-Solid Deck Polo Shirt
Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve-Solid Deck Polo Shirt

8. H2H Men’s Fine Cotton Giraffe Polo Shirt

This has to be one of the best designs by the Korean H2H. It’s a two button placket classic fit Polo short sleeve shirt that is ribbed with contrast trim. Hardly will you regret buying these pair of shirts because they are stylishly designed. Its soft and elastic for your routine daily look. One caveat tho, these shirts are slim fitted, more like a second skin if you order your size, look to order a size one step bigger if you prefer a loose fit. Sizes are in Asian fit which are normally one or two sizes lower than EU or US.

If you get the sizing right you will love the two tone design of this pair. If you normally wear medium get the medium plus, do same for other sizes you want. No noticeable shrinkage after wash, so they will do just fine and can be a nice blend for casual look.

H2H Men’s Fine Cotton Giraffe Polo Shirt
H2H Men’s Fine Cotton Giraffe Polo Shirt

9. US Polo Assn Men’s Solid Polo Shirt

You will find this polo top in a wide variety of colors. It features a unique two button placket with and embroidered polo logo on the chest. You should have more than one of this pair. The blended colors look good and comfy to wear. One caveat when buying is to allow for shrinkage after machine wash, so its imperative that you purchase a slightly larger size than your regular fitted size.

US Polo Assn Men’s Solid Polo Shirt
US Polo Assn Men’s Solid Polo Shirt

10. Columbia Men’s New Utilizer Polo Shirt

This polo is made from 100% polyester and comes in a variety of colors such as collegiate Navy, red velvet, Grill, Neon light, Orange, Napa Green, marine blue and a host of other colors. The fabric has been updated with the latest technology to pull sweat away from the body towards the surface were it is expelled. The fabrication features a two-tone pique, a three button placket and a crested logo at the chest.

Columbia Men’s New Utilizer Polo Shirt
Columbia Men’s New Utilizer Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt Fabrics – Which is Best

Polo shirt is made from a variety of material which includes, cotton, silk, merino wool or synthetic fibers; from knitted cloth and not woven cloth.

Knitted fabric resulting from the process of knitting are more durable than woven clothes that has a high tendency to fray at the edges unless special techniques like hemming are employed to counter it.

Polo shirts made from synthetic fibers are born out the lab in other to improve the already available animal and plant fibers. The rational of employing synthetic fibers to clothing is to make a hybrid of design that improves on both animal and plant fabric characteristics.

The quality of polo shirts largely depends on the fabric or knit used in its construction.

Blended Fabrics

Blended fabrics does have its pros and cons. They are among the most popular fabrics for polo shirts because of the durability and resistance to stain. This characteristic makes them ideal for corporate uniforms. On the downside they are less comfortable than cotton materials and makes the wearer more sweat prone.

Performance Polo

Performance polo are usually made from lightweight synthetics that incorporates silver to reduce odor. They can also come with UV 400 protection against harsh ultra-violet light. Made solely for athletic activity.


The pros of a polyester fabric are they don’t shrink and are quite resistant to stains but a major con is the lack of breathability.

Blend of Silk

A blend of silk with other fabrics is ideal. Pure silk has a characteristic of loosing its color in hot weather. Go for a blend of silk with cotton or linen.

100% Cotton

Pure cotton polo shirts are the most common fabrics used for polo materials. They are durable and breathable and when produced with a longer staple can bet the difference between a cheap cotton polo shirt and a slightly more expensive polo shirt.

Polo shirts give a sophisticated, neat and clean-cut style that can complement your body figure if worn rightly giving the wearer an edge and trendy look.

Polo shirt are created by various designers which include lacoste, he used the now ubiquitous crocodile logo to mark his shirts and earned him the nick name crocodile, other designers include, Ralph Lauren, John Brooks etc, the Ralph Lauren polo shirts includes the long-sleeve polo shirts, perfect for casual dress code layering in colder climates.

Some polo shirts also incorporate a pocket in the upper left chest area which can be paired with nice pants for a more casual dress feel.

Polo shirts are an evergreen trend that has never gone out a fashion. Polo shirts can be used as promotional gift or item for lovely customers, presenting promotional polo shirts to consumers is an appropriate way to allure the targeted and potential audience towards your brand.

Customized Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are also a fine publicity item, a lot of people utilizes the polo shirt for different reasons, and we also have the customized polo shirts; the customized polo shirt are produced with different designs, style and colors.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Embroidered polo shirts are shirts which have a logo or motif embroidered on them; and it is an extremely popular with companies and business’ wishing to promote themselves or their product; and is available in a wide range of colors, sizes and different type of fabrics.

Embroidered shirts are obtained in different styles and fabric and a variety of texture.

Embroidered polo shirts come in various design, logos, different colors and sizes. Embroidered polo shirts are selected for cooperate clothing by a large number of companies e.g from golf clubs to bankers and they are universally appealing and a great team wear option.

Polo Shirts for Promotional Purposes

Promotional shirts are made from different knits which each provide unique advantage and disadvantages to best need the consumer’s need. The most common knit’s include the pique, Jersey and rib knits’ and most polo shirts are made from pique knits, this knits make a medium to heavy weight fabric, and Jersey knit is the next most common promotional polo shirt knit. The jersey knit is a durable knit that washes well and it makes a good choice for corporate polo; the rib knit is less well known but it is also used for promotional polo shirts.

Promotional polo shirt is a good way to promote clubs and other different societies, making a stand out in the crowd. A well designed promotional polo shirts is much more than an item of clothing or a fashion statement, when the polo shirt is been worn, they become the users advertisement for  a company product or services.

Polo Shirt Patterns

Polo shirts are popular wardrobe staple for all men. Polo shirts can be found in various patterns;

  • Horizontal stripped or plaid pattern; polo shirts are stretchable, their collars give them a more formal appearance than the plain t-shirts.

Etiquette, Do’s and Don’ts of Polo Shirts

  1. Polo shirts where not made to be worn with undershirts. Never combine an undershirt with a polo top. You risk exposing the undershirt under your sleeves and a very uncomfortable crumple at the collars
  2. Get your sizing right. Polo shirts are to be worn fitted but not too fitted. You should be able to stick a finger or two between your biceps and the sleeve, if not get a bigger slightly bigger size.
  3. Avoid tennis tail polo shirts that show up at the back when un-tucked. Its not a pretty sight.
  4. Popping polo collars are childish these days; you are not in the 90’s anymore. Grow up.
  5. Little crested polo logos are way better than larger ones. You are not modeling for the brand, so its best to keep the advert on a low key.

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