Intro: Why Turtle neck shirts

In the last two decades, starting from early 1990’s men’s fashion has changed a lot. It has become very stylish and trendy. On the other hand, males have become more choosy and their fashion senses have changed quite significantly over the years. The fashion of 21st century has become an icon of maximal revealing of manliness for men.

Nowadays, males want to open up their identity, personality and aristocracy through their multifarious outstanding fashions. This is the era when men prefer to wear like a “man”- a touch of masculinity depicted through deigns, fabric, color and style.

The image of a man is no more brusque and rough. He wants to be characterized as a fusion of softness and toughness. Hence, a man’s wardrobe now fills with wide variety of stylish clothes right from traditional to ultra modern. With this in mind Turtle neck shirts for men add much-coveted X-Factor to his masculinity, style and of course personality.

All about Turtle Neck Shirts

 Nothing is new about Turtle Neck style. Its history dates back to 15th century when it was famous as “polo neck” and “roll neck”. In later centuries, many hugely popular European movie stars have made this splendid looking shirt become very popular among their fans and followers. In USA, it was become hugely popular form of informal clothing during early 1930s. Tight fittings Turtle neck shirts become a trend during middle of 20th century and still continuing.

 Many famous American personalities, including politicians, business tycoons, intellectuals, sports personalities, and movie stars have made this men style popular in USA, Europe and rest of the World, as a result Turtle Neck Shirts have become a widely fashionable attire irrespective of age, culture or economic background.

Why Turtle neck?

Those thickly knitted fine clothes are indeed a good choice for men which can solve many problems at once. When temperature drops outside, men find very few options to fashion. It’s when turtle neck shirts make them really stylish yet physically comfortable even in shivering cold.

 Turtle necks are considered as one the most comfortable types of clothing one can imagine. Though people prefer them body-fit, they keep enough space to make free air flow and a feel of ultimate comfort to the wearer. The design of the turtle neck makes the face more focused in public places and the body look robust. Anybody can wear a turtle neck shirt to work and then even to a party. It is always very smart and classy. Turtle necks make wearers look intellectual, smart and bright.

The Comfort Zone

Turtle necks are excellent outfit with a classic winter style. The grooved design wards of the wintry days, makes the wearer very hot inside.

 Most of the premium quality turtle neck shirts are made with the fabric having a blend of cotton and polyester. Hence, these shirts are always look soft and tough at the same time- just what a modern man desires. This best quality of fabric and finest knitting makes it breathable, extra soft and warm. Cotton in the fabric makes immensely skin friendly, while the presence of polyester gives warmth and durability.

Mentionable Features of Turtle Neck Shirts

  1. Light weight- Just what people don’t find in any other winter dress.
  2. Softness – Very comfortable to bear all through the day.
  3. Toughness- Durable and perfect for hard work also. Looks equally stylish year after year.
  4. Ready to use- Available in different colors and different sizes. Buyer of any age and physical stature can pick a suitable one for himself.
  5. Suitable everywhere- Right from work place to sports ground, turtle necks have comfortably entered in the private and public life of every individual.

Make it stylish

Perhaps it’s the only apparel wearable during chilly days that can be flawlessly fitted with other dresses. Wearing it with a matching suit makes it a perfect formal wear for office goers or attending an office meeting. With indigo or black jeans, the same turtle neck turns into a very attractive informal dress. People also experiment with jackets, pullovers and just a shirt with it to make their styles more eye-catching, yet casual.

Men’s fascination for turtle neck shirts have never decapitated over the past few centuries. This ageless piece of men’s fashion outfit has become one of the most desired dresses throughout the fashion history and surely it’s going to be the same for many years to come.


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