Men’s Ivy Caps a Wardrobe Essential


Men’s Ivy Caps a Wardrobe Essential for Versatile Guys

Who said ivy caps were only fitting for Summer? Known as flat caps, golf caps, cabbie caps or driver caps, you’ll recognize these rounded caps by their short, stiff brims at the front. The caps are part of British culture and were at one time associated with older working-class men from Northern England and the West Country. Possibly the cap’s connection with the working class was well illustrated by Jim Branning in the EastEnders.

ivy cap styles for men

It is believed that the caps originated as early as the 14th century and have always represented the essence of Great Britain, donned by icons such as Andy Capp. The flat cap is also associated in North American popular culture with newspaper sellers where it is often referred to as newsboy.

 ivy cap denim jacket

A versatile accessory to add interest to any outfit, casual or smart, they provide a unique style, and guys can choose more masculine styles over the rounder, puffier newsboy-type cap.

Ivy Caps are Stylish, Trendy and Functional

Innovative and stylish, Ivy caps serve many purposes. They are great everyday-style accessories that will get guys from home to the gym, to work, to golf and back.

They are great for covering up a bad hair day, they shade the eyes and a bald patch from the sun and they keep the head warm.

casual look with ivy cap t-shirt and jeans

Apart from all the functional aspects of the caps, they provide a touch of class and personality, certainly adding a touch of interest to the person wearing it. David Beckham, Liev Schreiber, Daniel Craig and Justin Timberlake are just some of the cool celebrities among many others who have been spotted sporting these attention-grabbing caps.

vintage look with ivy cap

Hats and caps give men that manly confidence. Look at Frank Sinatra, the perfect example of a man, who used his head-gear to tilt and angle his caps and hats to convey different attitudes to people. Tilt it back and you are regarded as more approachable and tilt it forward to appear more mysterious and unapproachable.

Ivy Cap Sizing

There are different types of sizes in men’s caps and hats – numerical sizing and alpha sizing as well as one size fits all. Wherever you buy your cap online, you will find that they give you instructions for measuring your head as well as chart to determine your numerical and alpha sizing.

 ivy cap sizing guide

For measuring your head, use a tape measure to measure from the back of your head bringing the ends together at the center of your forehead. Use the chart provided to determine your size.

Different Fabrics to see you from Day to Night

The caps are made from many different fabrics such as linen, wool, corduroy, silk, leather, canvas, polyester, Harris tweed, synthetic and much more, all designed to provide warmth and comfort.

wool ivy caps

On a practical level, with a lining inside the cap and a wool exterior, you’ll certainly be benefiting with some insulation for your head on Winter days when there’s a nip in the air. What guys appreciate with these caps is that they fold and you can fit them into your coat pocket when you want to remove it for some or other reason.

leather flat cap

Traditionally made of that recognizable sport-coat fabric of checks and tweeds, the cap has gone through many changes with fabric choices and today it is made from all sorts of fabrics to give it its unique personality. Many men, attracted to the cap’s English gentry connotations, like to go for those traditional plaids or tweeds, but its background is a solidly 19th-century working class when they were regarded as the common garb of the working man. Whatever fabric you prefer, the caps look great with jeans, jacket or sweater.

Leading Brands

These stylish caps with their own personality come from brands such as Stetson, Kangol, Ben Sherman, Wigens and LIDS Private Label. There are many stores selling Ivy caps in-store online and you can simply send them email requests for the style you want and they will reply to you with pricing and details of availability.

A Hot Item and You’re Good to Go

You can never go wrong with these caps which remain current and that is good news because ivy caps come with a price tag so that everyone can have this stylish piece. Choose to wear it for one season or for every season – it’s not only a decor item but also a functional item to get heads turning.


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