The Magnanni Shoe Brand

Magnanni has been in the art of making quality luxury shoes for about 50 years now. Occupying more than 7,000 square meters with over 300 employee in  Almansa, they have become a force to recon with in the shoe business. Their yearly turn over approximates over 350k pairs of shoes a year. So they are quite big and good at what they do. Join me on this journey as i enlighten you a little on the Magnanni brand and review some of the most classy Magnanni shoes out there.

The business has survived through tough times and the Blanco family (which runs the business) are in charge of it now. They supervise it all, from design, to quality control to distribution and sales. It’s a multi- million dollar business of quality shoe making.

Official website:

Magnanni shoe review

It would surprise you to know that Magnanni shoes are more respected aboard than the home country (Spain) where it is produced. Infact, as high as 90% of its gross revenue comes in from buyers aboard. Thus you will find lots of styles and designs in major online and physical store marketplaces. Here in the united states the brand is renowned for its quality, value and design.

Magnanni shoes review

Luis, an executive designer and creativity director over at the headquarters explains that the brand creates and manufactures of 250 unique pairs of shoes with great attention to details. That’s some staggering figure on a yearly basis. Some variations are constructed with an eye for details that makes them not only unique but also different from its competitors. Its no wonder how the Magnanni brand has survived thus far. They move with the times, picking up pace and constantly remodeling to met up with the jet age fashion.

They are know to tailor their approach to different markets as part of their international strategy.In the United states customers are seeking for classic shoes that stand out, there is big market for more robust shoes in Europe while the Arabs are more comfortable with lace free shoes.

Miguel, a son of Sebastain, explains that the shoes produced from the line are styled using the bologna construction and the Blake Construction.

What is the Bolognese construction?

The Bolognese construction is a special hand technique that is peculiar to a testoni shoe. The technique incorporates a special hand sewn soft leather skin to the upper fits which ensures that the upper fits elastically like a glove giving remarkable comfort to the front part of the shoe wiz providing a rigid support to the rear part.

Blake construction

On the other hand is a terminology mainly used by Italian shoe manufacturers. The major construction pattern involves directly stitching the outer sole to the insole. This provides for some sort of flexibility and light weight to the shoe.

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The Shoe Snob :Here Justin does justice in explaining the different types of shoe construction siting suitable examples as well as the pros and cons of each technique.

a.testoni : The Bolognese Construction : Impressive article detailing 5 shoe construction types with info-graphics. The Goodyear,Blake, Blake-Rapid, Bologona and Nowegian leather shoe constrution

There are so many details that make the Magnanni shoes what they are today, and like I said earlier, attention to detail, has distinguished this brand form the rest.  Most shoes from the Magnanni factory are made with crust leather and the tainted part you see on the shoes are not machine-tainted but hand –tainted by the most skillful craftsmen in the industry.

Magnanni Office Address

US Office Address : Magnanni INC, 9065 Smiths Mill Rd North,New Albany, OH. 43054,Tel : 614.758.5031

Europe Office :       Blanco Aldomar, SLU, Infante D Manuel 10, 02640 Almansa, (AB) Spain.                                                         Tel 34.967.313.326

Magnanni Shoe Craftmanship – A Work of Art

The knowledge base wealth of the craftsmen helps in creating a trunk show for personalized orders from all over the Globe.

Its quite interesting to reflect on how the Magnanni Brand survives on only making high end shoes even in hard times when other shoe manufactures are nose diving into other low end areas of business. They don’t use economic tumor to diversify into lesser quality but rather they consistently stick to the family inherited DNA of manufacturing luxurious shoes.

Quite risky if you ask me ? To only bank on luxurious shoes. I do think one of the core reasons they have survived this far is deeply rooted in their marketing strategy. You will find these shoes in major online marketplaces of the world such as Hankyu, Harrod’s Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Isetan, Amazon and  a host of others.

Magnanni Men’s Miro Monk Strap

The price range in dollars for an average Magnanni shoe is between $225 – $400. A mere stranger in the hometown were it is produced , a hit in the United states, a true contemporary style shoe. Every gent needs a pair.

Magnanni Men’s Roda Oxford Shoe

A simple look at some Top Magnanni Shoes

Magnanni Wholecut Loafer with interchangeable Tassels

Men’s Tebar Tasssel Loafer

In my opinion one of the most stylish and innovative designs was the idea of a wholecut loafer with buttons and some special interchangeable tassels. This is simply brilliant and gives a lot of room for matching the loafer with a wide verity of wears. Well, this particular tassel was the first of its kind and I really do not know how having a wholecut loafer from fabrics appeal to you, but times are changing fast and we would have preferred to see this style on a more fashionable suede covering. That’s what Magnanni did, they gave us the Men’s Tebar Tasssel Loafer. This loafer incorporates the interchangeable tassel design of its predecessors along with a suede covering that very contemporary gent will drool over.

Men’s Tebar Tassel Loafers

Top-Notch Magnannni Serrano Sneakers

Solidly built with the casual outfit in mind the Serrano sneakers are one of a kind. It incorporates a leather upper with a perforated panel and is laced upfront in metal eyelets. The insoles are lined with leather and  a contrasted stripe at mid-sole adds to its style. The Serrano like the Pueblo, are incredibly comfortable, highly durable and look really good on dressier pants or jeans.

Dress Shoes – Magnanni Mauricio (Highly recommended)

Magnanni Mauricio

Made with high quality materials and great workmanship. Highly recommended for work Jeans and flat front dress-pants. The most popular type come in mid brown and black. One unique feature is the durable man-made out-sole and luxurious leather lining insole.

The Pointy Toe Magnanni Logan (Double Monk Strap)

Magnanni Logan, Double Monk strap Loafer

You will get lots of compliment with this shoe because they can really stand out after a good cream and polish. The outer leather soles are hand stitched and can wear very quickly if the shoes get wet or you walk regularly on a pavement. Its still a great shoe, just take care of it and don’t look to run a mile on these shoes. Practice good maintenance culture by buying shoe trees.

These shoes are known to compliment light sliver/grey suits and come with an in-built stretchable slip-ons just located after you undo the two buckles, this make it easy to wear.( replaces the function of a shoe horn)

 The Rubber Soled Magnanni Pardo

The Rubber Soled Magnanni Pardo

Although the Pardo style is a great shoe to behold and own, i’m not just a fan of rubber soles. The rubber soles are fashionable tho. So if your are a rubber sole lover, you might like these. One point to note : From the Magnanni website they warn that this shoe runs large, thus if you are a regular size 10 wearer you should look to buy a size 9.5. Major features include a leather upper, lace-up front, leather insole, rubber sole all built using the famous Bologna construction to end up in a product that is slim and very comfy to the wearer.

The Colorful Magnanni Sergio Shoe

Magnanni Sergio

On first sight you will immediately notice the stylish way the Magnanni Sergio shoe is colored. The colors are prominent on the brownish pair. You should order 1/2 lesser of your regular shoe size. The shoe is truly elegant and well crafted by some of the best hands in the industry. The perforated detailing is second to none and are true attention grabbers. The hand-brushed leather upper has a lace–up front adorned at the side with an exquisite wingtip.

If you are looking to get a Magnanni oxford shoe for the first time then I would strongly advice you go for this pair or its close resemblance “the Santiago”. Infact, have them both.

The Enzo Boot

The two tone finished Magnanni Enzo Boot

The Magnanni Enzo boots is the only boot in the collection i will write a short review on. This is purely because of the rave of positive customer reviews in major marketplaces like zappos, amazon and the rest. Its flashy and rugged. Take my word for it, they are comparable to the likes of Frye and the very expensive Ferragamo boots. The styling is fantastic, combining suede with a wingtip design, two tone color finish with a synthetic rugged out-sole.

The Magnanni Men’s San Pedro Slip-on Loafer

San Pedro Slip-on Loafer

Merely looking at the picture of these loafers you will observe that these pairs seem to be a lot classier than the average slip-on loafer. You will be totally satisfied with these shoes which cost far less than comparable counterparts from Neman Marcus. The suede and upper leather combination almost feel like velvet. It has a beautiful tassel detailing at the vamp and a small stacked heel that completes the leather sole

Magnanni Men’s Romo Slip-on Loafer

Men’s Magnanni Romo Shoe

If you love looking Daper on loafers, then you might want to give this pair some attention. It’s a great shoe that is slowing gaining some ground around the loafer niche. It comes in two colors, brown and black. Both are very nice pieces. It has a suede leather upper, slip-on construction, contrasted stitching with an inner leather lining and insole.





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