Luciano Natazzi Leather Shoes


Luciano Natazzi Leather Shoes

If there is one brand of fine leather shoes which is quickly taking center stage among men all throughout the world, it is Luciano Natazzi. The key reason is that Luciano Natazzi leather shoes are made from the very finest leather and materials created today and because of that, they make an absolutely perfect compliment to any outfit in a gentleman’s wardrobe. This Luciano Natuzzi leather shoe brings the best of intellect, creativity, and craftsmanship to put together an entirely perfect line of shoes.

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LN LUCIANO NATAZZI Natazzi Mens Air Grant Bit Leather Shoes Slip-On Driving Moccasin Loafer (43 M EU/10 D(M) US, Rio Red)
  • Ultra Soft Italian Leather Upper - Cow Waxy Leather
  • Full Leather Lining With Rubber Sole
  • Heel measures approximately 0.5", Brushed Buckle Detail
  • Driving Slip-On Loafer, Contrast stitching
  • The combination of fashion and comfort, Imported

The fantastic thing to always consider about Luciano Natazzi leather shoes is that not only are they so immensely stylish but they are also perfect for work, for a day out or evening a great addition to evening wear.

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The brand makes certain to create a supreme balance between the modern and what we know as traditional and formal. Every look and style of a man can be accentuated and driven to excellence when complemented by such perfect looking leather shoes.

Natazzi Italian Leather Shoes Mens Chelsea Dress Boot Mod Bari-Boot L-3020 Brown

One thing in particular of which makes Luciano Natazzi leather shoes so special is that each pair is made strictly by hand and they are finely constructed from calfskin leather. Calfskin is an undeniably pure and valuable commodity and a highly sought after material from clothing and shoe designers from all across the planet. Its texture is so immensely soft and it is one of those rare materials that you can immediately feel the fine grade of the leather as soon as you wear it.

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As it stands now, shoes, wallets, belts and other fine accessories are created from calfskin leather, making it a number one source in fashion, especially men’s fashion. Luciano Natazzi leather shoes are almost always splendidly finished, of course solely depending on how the shoe is inevitably created.

It Should Always Be About Comfort

Easily, one of the most vital, if not the most vital elements to consider when selecting a fine leather pair of shoes is the comfort factor. Obviously, if the shoe begins to make your feet ache after a short period of time, you will simply end up hating them before you even can have time to enjoy them. Luciano Natazzi designs and creates shoes to fit ever so comfortably and for that, many men are extremely grateful for such a quality product.

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Luciano Natazzi leather shoes always integrate a nicely padded lower section of the shoe, along with a custom fit that will always provide a comfort which will come second to none. Imagine when you have a shoe that depicts ultimate style and sophistication and then makes certain that comfort is never compromised. When you imagine those two elements together in unison, you have Luciano Natazzi leather shoes.

Available Colors: Red, Brown, Orange, Navy, Camel & Black Natazzi Mens Air Grant Penny Suede Leather Shoes Original Slip-On Driving Loafer Black

LN LUCIANO NATAZZI Mens Suede Leather Shoe Kimo Slip-On Driving Moccasin (40.5 M EU/7.5 D(M) US,Black)
  • Handmade Italian Suede Leather Upper - All Colors
  • Slip-On Driving Moccasin Loafer with Brushed Buckle Detail
  • Full Leather Lining and Man-made Sole
  • Product Code: Kimo-ISM-110; Made in India


A great way to form an opinion regarding the Luciano Natazzi brand is via the slip-on. A particular slip-on leather shoe to keep a keen eye on is the Air Grant Canoe, which men everywhere are calling a true tour de force among the leather genre of footwear.

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There is something altogether special about the Air Grant Canoe slip-on, boasting sleek cow-floater grain leather with a high-quality rubber sole which features a full-leather lining. The stitching needs to be seen to be believed because of how intricate it is, coming from a handcraftsmanship that is extremely rare as it is special to witness.

Then there is the Kimo slip-on driving moccasin, created from suede leather and comes in a variety of attractive colors, including the wonderfully pleasing sky blue. The upper of the slip-on is made from 100% Italian suede leather, with a gorgeous brushed buckle which culminates the look and style of the shoe into perfect, casual detail. This particular slip-on has quickly garnered appreciation from men everywhere.

Excellent Variety

Along with a keen reputation for style and comfort, Luciano Natazzi also is widely known for an excellent variety, one of which not many other companies or designers can contend with. Below is a partial list of styles that the company has to offer:

Loafers, Oxford, Boots, Slip-Ons, Moccasins

Among the Best

Hopefully, this Luciano Natazzi leather shoes review gave you a little insight into a brand that someday soon will be carved-out amongst the best of the great leather shoe companies. The brand’s fan customer loyalty is unsurpassed as is the quality of the shoes themselves. Countless men wouldn’t know where their wardrobe would be without Luciano Natazzi shoes and that is a trend which will undeniably continue well into the future.


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