Boss Hugo Boss Shoes Review – HB and Beyond


Boss Hugo Boss Shoes Review – Crafted for Comfort

Boss Hugo is a Germany outfit designer of various apparel and accessories for men and women. They are often referred to as BOSS. The luxury fashion house with headquarters in Metzingen was founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss and they primarily made uniforms for Nazi party organizations both during and after World War II. So yes, Hugo Boss did make Nazi Uniforms but their focus has long changed from uniforms to fashion wears and accessories. The founder died in 1948 and they went public in 1985, later they introduced their first fragrance in 1997. We will be reviewing one aspect of Hugo Boss products (Shoes) that has come to be a fashion staple for most men today.

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History of Hugo Boss

In the small town of Stuttgart, Hugo Boss started a clothing line. They went bankrupt because of the economy of Germany at that time, however, it is rumored that the BOSS struck and agreement with his creditors who left him with 6 sewing machines to start all over again.

Where are Hugo Boss shoes made?

Most of the HB shoes are made in Italy these days, but it is common place to find shoes crafted in Germany. Anything with the label HB out of China is crap. Hugo Boss is a designer outfit and is not too specialized in shoe making, for some, they’d rather purchase from an outfit that specializes in shoes such as Allen Edmonds. The choice is yours.

Hugo Boss Factory
Hugo Boss Factory Metzingen

HB Banner names and products

Boss: Women’s wear(2000) and men’s wear(1970)

Boss Orange: Relaunched in 2010 to promote the denim wear, it includes both men’s wear(1999) and women’s wear(2005)

Boss Green: This line of products caters for sporting attires, particularly golfing attires for men(2003) and women(1998)

Hugo: women’s wear (1998) and men’s wear(1993).

Retail outlets and store chains

There are over 100 retail outlets and store chains of Hugo Boss in the United States alone. Use this store locator to find a shop near you:

A Look at Some of the Best Shoes of Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Dress Loafers

Dress loafers from Hugo are a great pair of shoes to own. They range between $150-275. Most customers would rather argue you go for Allen Edmonds or Alden than to spend that much on a Hugo. Others would say you are paying for the brand rather than the quality of the shoes. Whatever the case might be, Hugo Boss dress loafers are a beauty to behold, they are made from the finest materials (calfskin leather), and they are comfortable and durable. Notable dress loafers include the C-Hulof Slip-on Loafer from the retail banner Hugo and the Carl Loafer.

Top Picks

Derby By Hugo C-Huder Temptation By Hugo

The Men’s Metero Slip-on loafer:  offers a soft full-grain leather upper and its classic look is versatile enough to transit from office to after hours. Fashion enthusiast will find the narrow square toe and detailing top notch. This is an easy to wear slip-on loafer that provides the much need comfort of a good shoe.

A word of caution, read and pay attention to customer reviews of these shoes. Some of them run large and you might need to order a full size down

Top Picks

Dress Appeal Brossio Bush Off Oxford

Hugo Boss Wingtip Shoes

Men’s C-Modist Dress Pump

 Wingtip Loafers from Hugo are a steal. The detailing and stitching on this shoe are a master class. The shoe boost of smooth leather upper, well-detailed wingtip stitching, lace up construction and a rounded toe. The shoe is a true attention grabber and you will surely get compliments on this one. It’s no wonder you will have to pay $275 for this bad boy. The shoe has a little cushioning at the footbed with unique leather lining. Made with the finest material (calfskin which has a higher quality than cowhide or genuine leather), study, durable yet comfortable.

Hugo boss wingtip shoeOther wingtips worthy of note are the Cortios Suede Wing Tip with synthetic sole(a boardroom classic), the Men’s Urbin Tuxedo Oxford and the C-Urder Wing Tip Oxford  adorned with a medallion toe and textured panel over the vamp.

Top Picks

Bokio Wing Clasto Oxford Deluxe Oxford

Hugo Boss Calfskin Boots/Chelsea Boots

When it comes to Chelsea boots by Hugo Boss two types stand out from the crowd. The C-Hubot Chelsea boot and the Men’s Paris boot. Highly recommended if you are in the market for a Hugo Chelsea boot.

Hugo Boss C-Hubot Chelsea Boot

At present, the C-Hubot Chelsea boot is highly discounted on Amazon. For a 30% discount, you can get it at $192 from Amazon rather than paying $275 on Zappos. The C-Hubot is a 100% fine calfskin boot with a leather and synthetic sole. The stylish elastic tonal side, gores, and pull-on heel loop adds a level of comfort typical of Chelsea boots.

Top Picks

Dress Chelsea Boot Suede Chelsea Boot Clutroot boot

Hugo Boss Men’s Paris Boot

HUGO by Hugo Boss Men's Paris BootThis is a dressy looking ankle length boot rather than a Chelsea boot. It features three-eyelet lace-up vamp and smooth stitching at the sides. They retail for $275 at both Amazon and Zappos, a super fine construction with a woven pull-on loop at the heel and comes in dark brown and black. The Paris boot for me is a hit from Hugo Boss and has gathered lots of positive reviews both in online shops and departmental stores.

Hugo Boss Oxford Dress Shoes/ Derby Shoes

Oxford or Derby dress shoes from Hugo Boss are a steal. The only problem I think online shoppers might have is the fitting of the shoes. No matter how good the quality is, if you don’t get the fitting right you will have to return it. For some pairs, they run big while others run small. The fit scale off the Hugo Boss website doesn’t do justice to US customers. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to read customer reviews first. That said, you might still want to look at these pairs:

Lace-up Derby in Nappa Leather Work Shoe

 Features a leather and rubber sole for traction and durability, extra cushioning at the insole for comfort, burnished leather, and a cemented polished construction. Get it here

HUGO BOSS Men’s Clasto Oxford

 They run small. So look to order half a size bigger. The unique wingtip broguing makes this pair a classic. Buy the Clasto Oxford Shoe here

Boss Green Sneakers by Hugo Boss

Boss green sneakers from Hugo Boss has to be one of the trendiest casual sneakers in their collections. A simple look and you will come to appreciate the detailing that went into these sneakers. Mainly attenuated towards golfers these sneakers are a delight for casual dress lovers. They mainly come constructed with rubber soles, textile lining, and a smoothly polished construction.

Shop the Boss Green Sneakers here

Top Picks

Arkansas Low Spascit
Akeen Suede Nubuck leather


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