how to wear white shoes

How to Wear White Shoes

White can be an intimidating color especially when you aren’t aware of the choices available to you. Most people will just opt for regular plimsolls and sneakers rather than explore a dressier alternative. So how do you wear white shoes? What are the options available to men apart from the regular trainers and sneakers? To keep your style game up we have put this article together…. Enjoy.

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White shoes where quite popular dating back to the 20’s. Brogues where favored in brown and white designs over other colors. Many Oxford designs and saddle shoes where worn in either brown or white or a combination of the two (two-tone). So it’s quite erroneous to think white is a contemporary men’s shoe color.

White Shoes

Keeping your appearance tidy without looking too flashy is a style goal. You don’t want to be distinctively standing out from the pack. This is not to say you need to blend in with the rest, of course, charge your own style part. Moderation is the key word here.

That’s the problem with most vivid colors.  You risk appearing too flashy. You might not have much of a problem styling a white trainers or sneaker with black jeans (Casual) but when you try dressier alternatives like white loafers with black or dark blue pants things can get tricky.

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Casual White Shoes

The best white casual shoes are sneakers and tennis shoes; they are the simplest and trendiest alternatives to work with. Because they are popular, they won’t raise any eye browns in public view. For the upper half, sweatshirts and T-shirts are ideal for casual wear. Think a plain casual button-down shirt with a bold colored T-shirt. Roll up the sleeves and dress up in denim with your white trainers.

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Printed tops with varying degrees of graphical patterns can work well with white trainers. There are no problems with this kind of clothing on white sneakers or tennis shoes until you decide to take things formal. That’s where you need your “A” game on.

Smart- Casual Clothing with White Shoes

We had no problem styling white shoes with casual outfits but things get tricky when you try to step thing up a little to more formal clothing. For smart casual or formal attires your regular trainers and tennis shoes just won’t cut in. You are limited to brogues, monk-straps, and boots. Focus on these and leave out white suede, but you can try them if they work.

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A properly hemmed pant well-tailored to fit your size will help show off your shoes. You don’t want people thinking you are trying to hide your shoes. Pale grey and light beige colored outfits will pair properly with white brogues or boots because they blend in seamlessly and don’t create a just bridge in your outfit.

Top White Brogues 

Dr. Martens LVVUVS Xianshu

Although white will work with most clothing, whether it be darker or lighter shades just make sure you choose the appropriate white shoes. Colors like coral and royal blue are also very good options. For the smart-casual look, wear a black jeans or pants with a light sports blazer jacket. Accessorize with a scarf and fedora hat for men to help draw attention away from your shoes.

Top White Plimsolls

Superga Vans Converse

Wearing White Shoes with Formal Clothing

White oxfords are very tricky shoes to pull off. White oxfords however uncommon as it seems are notoriously common at weddings. You will see all sorts of dress combinations on white oxfords at weddings, so next time you attend one, keep your eyes open.

How To Style Sneakers with a Suit...gray suit and white sneakers. Laid back business casual men's style.

All white tuxedos or white pants on black jackets can pair well with white oxford shoes. Pairing white oxfords with a light grey suit is another way to work white into a formal outfit. Complement the white oxford with a white button-down inner T-shirt.

This white Lanvin suit Chris Brown wore is on point, not sure how I feel about the white Oxford shoes...

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If you are going to wear white shoes be sure to keep them ultimately clean. Stay away from white entirely if you foresee things might get a little messy during the day. Get rid of the dirt’s and scuffs that so often portrays you as someone who’s not neat. Use a neutral polish and a good shoe brush or have them professionally cleaned to avoid damage.

Style Inspirations 

suit and sneakers

blue suit with white shoes

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The Best White Shoes Available

If you are looking to stock up on your white shoe collections here is a list of our favorite picks. It doesn’t get better than these:

All White Shoes

  • Converse White Sneaker: All-star sneakers by Converse was originally made for basketball but is now one of the most famous brand name sneakers out there. For that classic, all white shoe converse’s all Star sneakers come to mind. If you want something casual and trendy look to purchase an all Star sneaker by Converse.
  • Nike All force 1 Sneakers: Nike sneakers are some of the most popular sneakers out there. If you find a Nike air force one sneaker do not hesitate to get it. Form its first introduction in the 80’s a crisp air force one sneaker has been the trendiest on stage sneaker for pop culture artist.

Best Nike White Sneakers

Court Borough Stefan Janoski Air Force One

Top Men’s White Loafers

  • Vayarta although not so popular has a new twist to the white loafers with a minimalistic design. The soles have been re-engineered with a flatter bottom similar to those of an espadrille without the usual leather or rubber heel of most loafers.
  • Tod’s classic loafers: Just as the name implies, Tod is a brand that keeps there designs very classic, this makes the men’s white loafers are a solid option. Easy to match, easy to slip on, try Tod’s white loafers for a smart-casual or formal outfit.

Top White Loafers

Calvin Klein Amali Steve Madden

Best Men’s Summer White Shoes

  • Sperry top spider men’s boat shoes are unarguably the best boat shoes available and by far a top choice for a summer outfit. The boat shoes by Sperry are easy to maintain and fashion forward. Pair with shorts and a white T-shirt to slip into the summer vibe.
  • Birkenstock is another brand that creates good summer shoes for men. The most popular being the men’s Arizona sandals with its double strapped design. Pair with skinny jeans and a rolled up long sleeve shirt for that sharp summer look.

Ideal Summer White Loafers

Vans Converse Bruno Marc

Men’s White Formal Shoes

  • Clarks is renowned for their chukka boots made of durable leather and a cushioned sole. If you are looking to get through seasonal times, chukkas are a great option. They are easy to clean and shake the dirt off. As long as you purchase leather rather than suede, chukkas can survive a beat down.
  • Cesare Paciotti brogue derby shoes are suited for the contemporary gent. The off-white leather and two-tone blue and white soles are a steal. From the boardroom to the playhouse this white brogue shoe will enhance your dress silhouette.

Consider these White Formal Shoes

Vangelo Velvet Shoe Metrocharm

When is it Proper to wear White shoes

There are fashion pieces that can work well all through the year, looking equally good during all four seasons. One of those fashion pieces is white shoes. White tends to take a lot of dirt and beating when you are dealing with the elements of snow and rain.

White shoes are most popular during spring and summer as the options of styling them with various outfit combinations tend to be much at these times.

How to wear white shoes in a Nutshell

  • Casual outfits work best with white shoes. White trainers can be paired with any style and type of denim
  • For formal white derby, pair with a grey or beige tone pants
  • Tone things down a little by using accessories like scarfs to draw attention away from the whites.
  • Spice things up with white loafers, boat shoes, and sandals.

In Conclusion

White is a solid addition to any man’s wardrobe. The color itself can complement any nice looking outfit. Finding what works best with white should be a thing of the past now, assuming you thoroughly read this guide.

Stock up on white shoes this summer and give those outfits the contemporary boost they need.



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