How to Wear Types of Vans Sk8-Hi Trainers Guide

Vans SK8-Hi Sneakers

Going Casual with Men’s Vans Sk8-Hi Trainers

Vans Sk8-Hi is the go-to sneakers in town right now. Everyone wants to rock and own a pair. Why should you be left out of the in trend trainers now? They are very good and blend in nicely with various colors of chinos and denim.  They can be worn in several unique ways and with endless outfits day and night. For some style inspiration, here are some ways to properly wear a Van SK8-Hi trainers.

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The elegant Vans SK8-Hi Black and white Sneaker

Simplistic as it looks these trainers can be teamed up with most clothes you already have. You would want to work your way from the Vans to matching outfits. Make the Vans the focal point of attraction and they find clothes to match them perfectly. The shape and design of this Vans are attractive enough so keep the rest our outfit low key.

Black and white vans

For some style options pair the black and white Vans sneaker with a dark jeans or chinos, this combination has a way of emphasizing the beauty of the Vans.  Without going overboard keep the rest of the outfit neutral with a dark grey or with Henley t-shirt. For extra layering per with a parka or a nice leather jacket.
Black and white vans with jeans

Monotonous all black Vans SK8-Hi Sneaker

Would you rather opt for an all-black Vans sneaker? They are just as classic as the monochrome version discussed above. As its expected, these sneakers will fit in seamlessly into most casual outfit combinations. They will take you from day to night in a casual or smart casual outfit. The canvas variant will keep your look laid back but if you want to experiment with style opt for the leather Vans sneaker.

all black vans

Pair this bad boy with a slim fitted white washed jean to help draw attention to the sneakers combined with a white oxford shirt to add some formality to the dress code. For extra warmth during the winter layer up with a green or black parka to finish off the classic look.

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All White Vans SK8-Hi Sneakers

The white Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are the most popular of all three options discussed here. For those who are not too comfortable with spicing up their outfits with a tone of colors, you can start with a simple basic white Vans trainer and slowly work your way up.

All white vans Sk8-Hi combination

For a neutral look, pair with a sand chinos and a cream white t-shirt to contrast with the light shades. Layer with a light washed blue or black denim jacket. This whole outfit will give you a clean minimalistic look without appearing monotonous.

Tips on how to wear Vans SK8-Hi Sneakers rightly

  • Black and White Van’s SK8-Hi Sneakers: Dress up from bottom to top and not the other way around. Pair with low key black jeans and grey parka jacket.
  • All Black Van’s SK8-Hi Sneakers: Pair with light washed jeans and a parka jacket to keep warm.
  • All White Vans SK8-Hi Sneakers: Go neutral, breaking up the light shade with a sand chinos and cream white t-shirt layered with a light washed blue or black denim jacket.
Black and white vans outfit inspiration
Black and white Vans Outfit Inspiration

In Conclusion

The Van’s Sk8-Hi trainers are some of the most versatile sneakers around. There are numerous ways you can incorporate this into your everyday wear making this list of possible combinations far from exhaustible.

They are also one of the most comfortable pairs of sneakers to own. It’s no wonder then how they have managed to stay in trend for a very long time. Not only do they serve your casual dress needs for a drink at your local bar but they can also fit in as smart casual footwear on a date night.

There you have it. Get out there now, be bold, be confident and keep experimenting with your own personal style combinations.



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