How to Wear and Style Red Shorts for Men


How to Wear and Style Red Shorts for Men

Red is a bold a daring color that most people think are reserved just for women. Red will definitely grab the attention of onlookers making them a center of attraction. Do you have a pair of red shorts lying around the house or you want to make an investment decision to get some red shorts? Allow this guide reveal to you the best styling outfits to pull off with red shorts.

red shorts for men

Shorts are best worn during summer and hotter months where there is an increasing number of outdoor activities and sports in various recreational centers. The social calendar is full, time to show off your summer dress sense and nice legs. Earlier times, shorts were considered to be childish boyish nowadays they have penetrated the fashion screen making those who haven’t keyed in play catch up.

Often associated with particular sports activity like long-tennis, shorts are a staple men’s wear today. The idea of using shorts as a statement piece slowing caught up with the public despite popular TV style icons rocking them as far back as the 50’s. They are indeed the go-to garment of choice for summer.

But what can you wear with red shorts? Class is in session, read on.

What Colors go with Red Shorts?

What colors go with red shorts? This is a legitimate question you should ask yourself before wearing one. If you get the color and fitting right half the battle is won. In the spectrum of colors, red is not the most versatile there is. Most men would rather stick to neutrals because they can be paired easily. They leave out bold colors for ladies who are more often than not, carried away by bright colors. Our brains are wired differently.

what colors matches red

If you are familiar with the rules you know red is a striking bold color that doesn’t fit in properly with other colors in the spectrum.  One thing for sure is that black and darker shades of color pair extremely well with red. Neutrals such as pale blue and beige can really turn out on the positive side with red. Leave out purple and pale pink as they will make you look washed out.

By all means, leave out green! Unless you are prepping up for Christmas.

Different Shades of Red

Red easily stands out as a member of the primary colors. The first question to ask yourself before pairing red shorts; is how red are the shorts? Just like other colors red comes in various shades, and these shades play a very big role in determining the kind of color to pair them with.

different shades of red

Red Shorts for Men

If the shorts you want to wear are in hue red, you might want to pair with a neutral color to tone things down a bit. The brightness of the shorts alone is enough to draw attention, mixing with another bold color will mess things up. Opt for white and light blue.

red shorts neutral tops

A dark shade of red will pair in nicely with black or dark grey for a more refined look.

 red shorts polo shirts

With dark shades of red adding bold colors like yellow and orange is a fashion mess that will keep the fashion police on your trail.  Dusty red or a more washed out red can riskily be paired with a bold color. Leave out printed shirts.

The Four Types of Red Shorts

Considering the type of shorts to wear as well as the shade color is a wise thing to do. Here are the top four types of shorts available in online stores today:

  • Formal shorts
  • Denim Shorts
  • Chino Shorts
  • Cargo Shorts

I purposely dismissed patterned red shorts because they are the most difficult to pair. You can’t wear shorts to all events; they are more of a casual wear than formal wear. Formal shorts won’t look nice on the beach and vice versa.

What to wear with Red shorts

You have to be careful with the choices you make because red is not the most versatile of colors. Once you have made the right choice in terms of color combination anything from a loosed fitting t-shirt to a button down shirt will work well. Polo shirts and shorts are a match made in heaven.

red shorts printed shirts

Let’s have a look at some nice looking outfit ideas with red shorts.

Red shorts Outfit Ideas

  • For Leisure: A walk in the park or some random occasion that isn’t too formal, stick with a pair of chino shorts and a polo shirt.
  • Formal Events:  A white oxford shirt can get you into the formal vibe. Truck it in for a neat appearance or dress it down by leaving the top buttons undone.
  • Evening night Out: At the bar, use a burgundy or similar shade of red with darker colored tops. A navy short sleeve, dark grey or charcoal black will work wonders.
  • Hue red shorts: Pair them with white or pale blue tops during the day. This combination helps balance things out.
  • For Dusty Shades of Red: Team these up with blue oxford dress shirts and a dark jumpers or cardigans.

Shoes to wear with Red Shorts

Now that we are clear about how to color match red shoe time for another important aspect; what shoes pair well with red shorts? The answer to this question lays in the type of red short you wear.

Shoes with Cargo Shorts

Chino and cargo shorts are easier to pair with most shoes. For summer, opt for boat shoes and loafers. To be on a safer side, we’d advise that you stick with only black or brown shoes. A nice pair of drivers or loafers is ideal for more formal occasions. Use sandals or flip-flops at the beach. Think about a good pair of espadrilles.

boat shoes red shorts

Shoes with Denim Shorts

The Urban street style of a denim red short requires that your footwear is on the sporty side of life. Canvas, plimsolls, trainers, and sneakers are your best options here. To keep the red short dress ensembles go for clean white trainers.

Shoes with Formal Shorts

Formal shorts will only look good on formal shoes. A classic leather shoe, sandal or wingtip loafers are good options. Boat shoes can also pair in nicely too.

Red Shorts Outfit Combinations (Summary)

If you dress like this on a regular basis, odds are I'm probably going to try and marry you..

  • Shorts are best worn when it is hot and sunny. Red short are no exception to this rule.
  • Red is a very hard color to match. They are one of the least versatile colors in the color spectrum.
    Red shorts are attention grabbers. They will seek attention anywhere you go so it’s best you make them a centerpiece.
  • Loafers, drivers and boat shoes in black and brown are the best to use with red shorts.

On That Note

Although this is not an exhaustive guide to wearing red shorts at least it will get you started on the right part. When it comes to red, try to stick with the style rules presented here. Avoid prints and patterned outfits with red. Time to step out in confidence.