5 Good Ways to Style a Short Sleeve Shirt

Short sleeves shirts are very important staple clothes for men. They are versatile and can be paired with a wide range of clothes. Whether it be for formal or casual occasions, follow this guide to discover 5 ways to wear short sleeves.

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Perfect for summer wears, shorts sleeves are here to stay. Take it or leave it, they are worth the investment. You should get them in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Owing just one would do your wardrobe clothes checklist no good. You need several pieces to pair with numerous outfit combinations. Having said that let’s take a look at some of the ways you can wear a short sleeve, sometimes it’s not just about putting it on and undoing those button. Dude, get some style in it!

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Printed Shorts Sleeve Shirts

Printed short sleeves are a must have these days. Even if they look like they fell from the 70’s, they definitely look good and fashionable. With prints, go for regular patterns that blend seamlessly with the background color and try to avoid the big flowers prints and overly graphical shirts. I’m yet to find a shirt manufacturer without a printed short sleeve variant, they’d be missing out on a huge market.

The trick is to ensure the base color suits you perfectly while the repeated motifs are in a regular array. If you are confused about what base color to pick, stick with blue.

To style a printed short sleeve, pair with a neutral or plain colored chinos or shorts. Black jeans will work fine but avoid bold colored shorts, pants, and jeans as this can draw attention away from the prints.

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Consider your Body Shape

We will consider here your body shape and how buttoning or unbuttoning your short sleeves fit in. It’s not a section to talk about how your body shape should fit in or the right body shape for a particular size of short sleeve but rather what would work well with your present body shape.

If you are naturally built or are dedicated to the gym you won’t want to button up all through as this would give you an even wider body shape. Let two buttons go off for a more relaxed style.

If you are slim, leaving the topmost button undone is the way to go with your short sleeve shirts. Bigger printed shirts would even require you make sure a button is undone.

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Patterned Short Sleeves T-Shirt Styles

Patterned short sleeves, as opposed to printed shirts, are almost the same. Prints usually have motifs in a patterned style, so we might just be talking about the same thing here. However, a regular patterned short sleeve shirt would either have horizontal or vertical lines running through the whole shirt. They are a great option if the popular summer animal print doesn’t appeal to you.

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Pair them with neutral bottoms or a lighter shade color of one of the patterned lines on the shirt.

Fitting is Important

If you want to style a short sleeve shirt right make sure they are tailored down at the bottom. Keep the sleeves tight and of moderate length. Avoid wearing overflowing short sleeves like a plague.

Choose the Right Fabric

The right fabric is key to wearing short sleeves during seasonal weather changes. We want something light that is breathable and has some moisture wicking characteristic for summer. Having said that, chambray stuff is a nice fabric for short sleeves. There are lots of good fabrics and synthetic derivatives that will work well just make sure you study the fabric details before you spend that hard earned cash.

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100% cotton is another very nice fabric. In fact, it’s one of the most popular fabrics used with short sleeve shirts. They can be used during the winter season because of its thickness and can also pass for the right fabric in summer.

Cotton fabrics are comfortable and light. For that formal look, pair with a smart fitting chinos or pants and layer with a nice jacket. Get cotton fabrics in as many shades as you can, they are worth the investment.

How to Wear a Short Sleeve Shirt in a Nutshell

  • Printed short sleeve shirts are in trend: Opt for regularly patterned motifs.
  • Style according to your body shape: Broad chested individuals should keep the top two buttons undone while slim built can leave one button undone.
  • Patterned Short sleeve shirt: Patterned short sleeves in horizontal or vertical lines are cool. Look to pair with neutral bottoms.
  • Get the fitting right: Make sure the short sleeves are tailored down and fitted. Avoid overflowing short sleeves like a plague.
  • Choose the right Fabric: Cotton is the most popular but Chambray is equally good.

In Conclusion

Short sleeves are a great alternative to long sleeves. Mix things up in your wardrobe with good fitted short sleeves. Keep the buttons down and ditch the tie. Get patterns, prints and bold colored short sleeves to spice things up.  Lastly, follow this guide to ensure you are wearing them properly.


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