Shoe and Black Jeans Combination

What shoes to wear with black jeans

What Shoes can you wear with Black Jeans?

Black Jeans are one of the most popular colors with jeanswear. They are next to blue jeans and come in lots of styles. However, these jeans can be grouped but not limited to three broad categories; Skinny, slim fit and baggy. If you need inspiration on what shoes work well for each type of black jeans you just landed on the right page.

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Black is clean, black is smart and above all black is safe. It’s no wonder they are adorned everywhere in the world. When it comes to clothes, anything black is always versatile, can easily be worn and hard to get wrong. If all you have is blue jeans and turn up in them time after time, it’s time to mix thing up with some good looking black jeans.

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Find a style that suits your body type and rock it. Whether it be skinny, slim fit or baggy jeans there is a black jean out there for everyone. And when you have those black jeans, let this guide help you choose the right shoes to pair with your black jeans.  There are lots of inspiration here on which dress shoes to wear and what boots fit in with black jeans.

Dispel the no brown shoes with black jeans myth and let’s move on.

What Kind Of Shoes Should you wear with Black Jeans

First things first, look at the fitting of the black jeans you intend to wear. The fitting of the jeans is what determines the shoes to choose. Skinny black jeans on chunky shoes are out of place and baggy jeans with dress shoes just don’t seem right.

Choosing the Right Skinny Black Jeans

Skinny jeans are quite difficult to pull off. Most people are either not comfortable in them or are damn not into the skinny jeans trend. That’s ok, for those who think skinny jeans suit their body type here are some tips to choosing the right shoes to pair with black skinny jeans:

  • Simple slip-on and loafers are the best shoes to pair with skinny jeans
  • Skinny jeans will definitely make your legs look thinner and feet look wider and bigger.
  • Avoid high rise trainers; they look too chunky with skinny jeans
  • For a smart-casual look, Steve Madden Chelsea boots, brogues and wingtips can work well
  • Super skinny jeans, those that are often referred to as “second skin” should not be paired with boots like timberlands or Dr. Martens.

skinny black jeans and Chelsea boot

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Choosing the Right Slim fitted Jeans

Slim fit jeans are more versatile than skinny jeans. They are also referred to as straight legged jeans and can be worn with most types of shoes. They will work well with high raise trainers, dress shoes, and boots of all kinds. If you have slim fit jeans or you are looking to buy one, here are some useful tips on how to match them up with shoes:

  • The length of the slim fitted jeans is important, they should just sit on or just above the shoe
  • If you have a nice pair of shoes to wear and you are looking to accentuate it, consider pin-rolling the jeans to show off your shoes
  • Tucking your jeans into your boots looks sloppy. This is not an army uniform
  • For smart occasions, Gucci loafers, chukkas, and boots are very good options.

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Choosing the Right Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are very casual looking and work best when paired with a T-shirt and trainers. Follow the tips listed below if you want to style baggy jeans properly with your shoes:

  • Baggy jeans are often used during summer
  • They are for casual wears only and shouldn’t be paired with your smartest shoes
  • Avoid oversized baggy jeans.
  • Pin-rolling doesn’t look too good with baggy jeans
  • Trainers and high raise boots are perfect with baggy jeans.

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Brown Shoes with Black Jeans Outfit Combination

Without contrasting too much, dark brown and tan shoes are the best color of shoes to pair with your black jeans. This is not to say others don’t work well, but dark brown and tan can seamlessly blend in with black. Even if they don’t match, they look well together.

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Accessorize with a brown belt to match the brown shoes. This has the effect of breaking up the black color monopoly. We aren’t outfitting with all black, so using a brown belt to complement the shoes are the best options here.

If you are layering for the cold, using a jacket that is of similar color to the shoes might be overbearing. Rather pick alternative colors like dark greens and greys to complement the brown shoes. For formal outfits use a blazer rather than a jacket.

How to Wear Dress Shoes with Black Jeans

Some individuals have pinned jeans strictly for casual attires and would not pair them with a dress or formal shoe. They are missing on a lot of style combination. It’s not so hard as you might think to pair dress shoes with black jeans. Black is more versatile than blue, this is where black has an edge over blue jeans, it’s easier to pair black jeans with a dress shoe than it is with a blue jean.

Black dress shoe with black jeans and grey blazer

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One thing you should take into consideration is that not all dress shoes are the same. Open laced shoes will do wonders for a smart occasion when paired with smart looking pants, chinos, and black jeans. Contrast that with closed laced shoes, do not pair closed laces with jeans, they are for formal occasions only.

With formal shoes, the only recommended jean type is slim cut jeans. This is because formal shoes tend to be on the narrower side and only with slim black jeans is this balanced out.  Show off your dress shoes rather than hide them underneath your jeans. Check out our guide on black pants brown shoes for more formal dress inspiration

Boots to Wear with Black Jeans

How do you wear boots with jeans? Should you roll the jeans up or leave them down? What color of boots pair well with black jeans. Should you use chukka boots or Chelsea boots? What are the different ways to style jeans with a boot? Let’s take them one after the other in a systematic manner.

Chukka Boots and Black Jeans Combination

Chukka boots are very comfortable and stylish, it’s no wonder how they have become so popular these days. Because of the slim nature of most chukka boots they are the perfect choice for slim fitted jeans. Whatever ways you wear chukkas with jeans just make sure the jeans sit comfortably on top the boots.

chukka boots

Wear this combination to the pub or office with confidence. You can pair your skinny or slim fit jeans with a black or brown chukka boot, anyone would do. You can add a white of grey casual t-shirt to smarten or finish off the look. Accessorize with a fedora hat for men or a homburg hat to tone things up a bit. Check out our article on Cole Haan lunargrand chukka boots for more inspiration

Chukka Boot Dress Inspiration

men wearing chukka boots and black jeans men wearing chukka boots and black jeans
men wearing chukka boots and black jeans men wearing chukka boots and black jeans

Mind you desert boots are Chuka boots with a rubber sole. So don’t get things mixed up

Chelsea Boots and Black Jeans Combination

Chelsea boots are very classic footwear. Trust me they are very good looking on black slim cut jeans. They can be worn all day and are distinctly noticed with their elastic ankle and sturdy sole. My favorites are black suede Chelsea boots, although leathers are equally good looking.

Chelsea Boots and Black Jeans

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The beauty of Chelsea boots when pair with jeans is that they can easily be dressed up and down looking very casual if you want or looking smart as the case may be. To create that smart casual look, pair with slim fitted jeans, a plain white shirt layered with a jacket to finish up the look. You can add the sophistication of a smart looking tie to highlight the smart look.

Dr. Martens and Black Jeans Combination

Retro and vintage fans will love Dr. Marten’s Chelsea boots because they are solidly built. They can be paired with a leather jacket and a casual shirt. Unlike chukkas and Chelsea boots, Dr. Martens boots are a bit chunky and can be best worn with a baggie or bogus jeans although slim jeans could attenuate the boot features.

dr martens boot with black jeans

You can stick to the black Dr. Martens boots or opt for more style colors and features. They are in so many styles that picking one can be tricky. Roll the jeans up a little so they sit on top the shoes and pair with the right accessories.

Trainers and Black Jeans Combinations

If you opt for white sneakers they will stand out from the black jeans, because white contrast nicely with black. As discussed early use a chunky trainers or footwear with a pair of baggy jeans and vice versa. For the top half, use bold or printed t-shirts on a white background and a black leather jacket.

slim black jeans with white converse trainers

Consequently, if you love slim fitted jeans, pair them with converse trainers. Converse trainers are slim built, perfect for the silhouette of your slim fitting black jeans. Accessorize with Nike or aviator sunglasses.

slim black jeans with white converse trainers

How to Choose the Right Trainers

Trainers are very easy to pair with jeans, all you need is to know the type of trainers available and what they work with:

  • Classic Trainers: these are the most popular type of trainers that can be worn by anyone.
  • Hi-Top Trainers: High top trainers or sneakers are those that extend towards the ankle. They look really cool on slim fitted jeans because they are slim.
  • Slip-on Trainers: Slip-on are fitted and can pair nicely with skinny or slim fitted jeans.


Summary – Shoes to Wear with Black Jeans

  • Chuuka Boots: Chukkas or Desert boots are good with slim fit black jeans
  • Chelsea Boots: Can be dressed up and down with black jeans. Add a tie for a smarter look.
  • Formal Shoes: Formal shoes can definitely be paired with black jeans. They look great. Just follow the guide to using formal shoes on black jeans
  • Dr. Martens: They are chunky looking. Pair with baggie jeans

In Conclusion

From pairing black jeans with brown dress shoes to white trainers, go ahead and experiment with what works for you. Finding your personal style might take a little try and error but it will be worth it in the end. Hopefully, this guide has propelled you in the right part to match your black skinny, slim or baggie jeans to an appropriate footwear.


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