How to wear a Printed Hoodie


Novel ways to wear a Printed Hoodie

Hoddies are one of the most comfortable clothing in a man’s wardrobe. They are more casual than formal and can keep you warm during cooler months. They are convenient and will fill in the gap when we just can’t think of anything else to wear. They are a fashion statement these days with a wide range to choose from. Follow the ideas listed in this guide on how to wear a printed hoodie.

 printed hoody and jeans

Hoodies for Men

Although hoodies for men have the reputation of filling in the gap when we are confused about what to wear, they are in trend and only people with high fashion taste nail them properly.  They are comfortable and easy to wear and will accentuate the most casual of outfits.

If you want to add a little twist to the regular norm opt for printed hoodies. Printed hoodies are in trend these days with its casual looking design; more people are looking to pull them of properly. We hope this little guide with its styling examples helps you pull them off.

printed hoody for men

Fashionable Hoodies for Men

Most clothing brands design year in year out. They know the force of the trend and key in accordingly. Hoodies are now viewed as fashionable staple clothing from their sloppy and lazy look a few years back. Brands like Gucci, Dior and the likes keep churning out various hoodie styles that are well received by the public.

hoodie and jeans combination for men

Big brands all have their own version of the printed hoodie. Find what works for you and stick to it.

How to wear a Printed Hoodie

Although this might look obvious to many people, wearing a hoodie should be easy. All you need do is throw it over a dress ensemble but there are still ways you can style them properly with a little twist to the regular norm. Plain hoodies are much simpler to style than printed hoodies. This guide will try to help you style a printed hoodie.

Prints draw attention, so be ready to make them your point of attraction or the main focus of your outfit. Wearing printed hoodie means you will have to tone down the rest of your outfit otherwise you might go overboard. Just style with black trousers and a nice pair of trainers and don’t combine with a graphic polo shirt.

black printed hoodie


Layering hoodies mean that you use other items of clothing like a jacket on a hoodie. Hoodies are not the end of it all to an outfit; they can be layered up especially during winter or cooler months. Loud prints can easily be muted down by just layering with an appropriate neutral jacket. The jacket you choose must be a few sizes up so the hoodies fit nicely beneath.

Opt for a lightweight denim jacket over a printed hoodie.

 hoody and jacket

Wearing Printed Black Hoodies

Black printed hoodies are a classic piece of clothing. They are more popular than other prints. They look great if styled with a pair of white jeans making them stand out in an outfit. To make an even more fashion statement, layer a white denim jacket over a black printed hoodie.

black dc comic hoodie

Black is universal and presents a platform onto which all other color combinations can be tested. There is enough room to test other items of clothing, especially trousers. Chinos and Camo style trousers are the best alternative to regular jeans.

Colorful Hoodies for Men

Colorful hoodies are a lot harder to style into your outfit than plain prints. Because of the loud nature of bright colors, it can be quite difficult to style with other items of clothing. Sometimes though, color does lift up an outfit making you stand out from the crowd in a unique way.

colorful hoodie for men

Team up a colored hoodie with some toned down trousers like white, beige and neutral chinos. Do not clash colors together by wearing colored hoodies with colored trousers. They don’t represent a desirable look.

Custom printed hoodies are beginning to catch up with the fashion trend these days. Customers can now make their own design and manufacturers will use cutting-edge technology to come up with the goods. There can be no better way to display your artistic taste than with a customized hoodie.

How to wear Printed Hoodies in a Nutshell

  • Prints are bold and attract lots of attention. Make printed hoodies the statement piece of your outfit and dress them up accordingly.
  • Layer you hoodie with a jacket to slip into a casual vibe. Lightweight denim jackets work best.
  • Black hoodies can give a lot of room to experiment with things. Use a colored camo
  • Tone down the rest of your outfit if printed hoodies are your style.
  • To dress a hoodie up, use a sweatshirt or wear a smart coat over the hoodie.

Final Word

This guide is by no means an exhaustive list as to how you can wear or style a printed hoodie but we hope the ideas presented here can act as a base unto which you can build up. Alternate the looks by pairing with different outfits. Time to step out in confidence, the printed hoodie way