How to Wear and Style Oxblood Shoes


Oxblood Shoes – Best Oxblood Shoes: How to Wear and Style Oxblood Shoe Combination

Oxblood shoes

Oxblood shoes are a great way of adding color detail and refinement to a boring outfit. Without going overboard here is how to style oxblood shoes so they don’t look out of place with a great outfit.

If you want to add a little detail to your outfit outside the regular safe black and brown shoes try pairing with an oxblood shoe. The name oxblood refers to the color it represents rather than the blood of an ox as it was popularly referred to in the 60’s. Oxblood color is the same as burgundy, yea right, now you are suddenly familiar with the color.

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The color bears, but not entirely, a little resemblance to tan and brown. We have put together a few tips and tricks on how to style these shoes properly, plus the best oxblood shoes out there.  When next you visit a store to buy shoes check them out if they have an oxblood variant of your particular style, you might just fancy them.

How to wear Oxblood Loafers

The tone of an oxblood loafer is dark enough to provide a nice contrast to a light term clothing during summer. Not often do we see men adorning these loafers so if you are looking to stand out frequently, ensure you have a couple of oxblood loafers in your wardrobe. Single block colors pair nicely with oxblood loafers and can get you easily in the summer vibe.

Loafers are renowned for their ability to dress up or down an outfit. Oxblood loafers are no exception, team them up with nice looking navy pants with a plain white button-down shirt and you are set for the office.

oxblood tassel loafers

How to wear Oxblood Brogues

Brogues are a staple footwear for men. The dark shade of the oxblood brogues again carries with it a stylish approach quite different from what other shoes present.  Pair the brogue with smart looking denim and a turtleneck jumper for that casual look.

Oxblood oxford brogue shoes

You can also decide to do the double denim and throw in a denim jacket for a relaxed casual look. Now, most fashion expert would advise against double denim but you need not be afraid, roll up the denim bottom and style your way through the summer season.

How to Wear and Rock Oxblood Trainers

Wearing trainers means you intend to go casual. With oxblood trainers, you have a shoe that can stand out on its own. Take great care to keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. The best bottom half clothes with an oxblood trainer are denim jeans and chinos. Nothing beats that!

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Be experimental in your approach of the type of denim to use. Trainers will easily work with any shade of blue and black.

Grey Suit and Oxblood Shoes Combination

Grey on its own is a very versatile color, although not as versatile as black and blue. They work with a surprising amount of colors. Grey has a very cool and relaxed tone making them quite complementary to the bold tone of an oxblood shoe.  The bold colored tone of an oxblood shoe can help strike a balance to the relaxed cool tone of a grey suit.

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Match your grey suit to a pair of button down white T-shirt to contrast properly with the bold oxblood shoes. Try not to go overboard my mixing patterned shirts or shoes with this combination. Accessories like dress scarves and tie can come in handy here.

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Wearing a Charcoal Suit and Oxblood shoes

Unlike the grey suit, a charcoal suit offers less of a contrast to the oxblood shoes. For example, a darker grey charcoal suit that is similar in versatility to the black suit will feel less intense on an oxblood shoe than with a lighter shade of grey suit. A charcoal suit paired with an oxblood shoe is less intense, making it absolutely imperative that you pair with a contrasting white button down shirt.

The less subtle contrast of your outfits means you can afford to be a little creative with your accessories.

Oxblood Shoes with Black Suit Combination

Black suits are the most popular kind of formal suits and are normally combined with a white button-down shirt. The most popular option with this combination is a black shoe. You can spice up this dress combo by replacing the black shoes with an oxblood shoe; this will instantly make the dress code interesting.

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A subtle oxblood colored shoe will neatly contrast against the intense tone of a black suit. You can, however, experiment with different styles of oxblood shoes(loafers) rather than restricting yourself to the formality of wingtips and other formal dress shoes.

Oxblood Shoes with Navy Suit Dress Combination

Navy is a favorite color for a lot of people. It’s a very nice and a lighter alternative to black. Navy is good at paring with a lot of similar colors both in summer and winter. You can create a lot of looks with a navy suit just by pairing with different colored shirts.

Navy Suit with oxblood shoes

In terms of versatility, Navy is in the same league as black and grey. They can team up with a lot of colors. Look at some pictorial examples in the style grid below for more inspiration. Try pairing with a patterned jumper with the same colored lines as with your shoes. This subtle detail can bring the whole outfit together.

Well-polished oxblood brogues can add the needed sharpness to a rather casual Navy suit. Think patent leather that has a high shine look to spice things up.

A little History of the Oxblood Shoe

The oxblood shoe is a timeless fashion shoe that dates back to the 17th century where craftsmen used the blood of Ox and bulls to create a rich pigment on leather works and materials including shoes. The more the leather material aged the deeper the color became due to oxidation by atmospheric oxygen.

Nowadays the oxblood color comes in a variety of colors ranging from deep red to deep purple. Oxblood shoes where at a peak in 2012/13 and it saw big brands like Dr Martens use them on a lot of their shoes.

Summary: How to wear and Style Oxblood Shoes

  • How to wear Oxblood Loafers: Wear block colored outfits with oxblood loafers to get you into the summer vibe.
  • How to wear Oxblood Brogues: Brogues are a great way to style or tone up a formal outfit. An oxblood brogue is intense enough to make an otherwise boring outfit interesting.
  • How to wear Oxblood Trainers: Trainers are for casual wear. With Oxblood trainers make sure the rest of your outfit stay subtle to provide the much need contrast.
  • Oxblood with Grey Suit: Grey suits are as versatile as black. They have a cool and relax tone that can be balanced with the bold tone of an oxblood shoe.
  • Oxblood with Navy Suit: Navy suits are smart casual outfits. Combine with a patterned colored jumper with lines of the same shade as the oxblood shoes
  • Oxblood with Charcoal suit: Darker charcoal Grey suits are next to black. They can pair in nicely with oxblood shoes.
  • Oxblood Shoes with Black Suit: Black suits are dressed up in a white button-down shirt and black shoes. Just replace the black shoes with a nice wingtip oxblood shoes and you are all set

On That Note

Oxblood shoes are definitely going to be a versatile addition to your collections. If you have been shying away from them all these while, it’s time to throw that fear out the window and never look back. Follow the style details discussed in this article and you will remain confident all day that you are nailing things rightly.


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