How to Wear a Monochrome Outfit

monochrome black outfits for men

How to Wear Monochrome Rightly

Do you want to go on a monochrome look but you are completely lost as to how to pull it off?  Get inspired with this short guide we put together to teach you how to wear monochrome. Keep up with the monochrome trend and stay ahead of the game.

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First things First: What’s a Monochrome Outfit?

Monochrome outfits are outfits worn in the same color combination. They are normally referred to as monochrome fashion and if done correctly can spark off some really stylish looks. For the sake of this guide, we will look at monochrome outfits in black because they are very easy to style and pull off.

Monochrome look

Monochrome fashion is quite easy to pull off. The main strength of this combination is the simplistic look that can be effortlessly pulled off.

It’s best to work with different textural materials so as not to appear too monotonous. We want a monochrome color look not a monochrome texture. Varying the texture helps spice up the entire outfit. In three ways we present to you how to style the monochrome way.

Black Monochrome Fashion for Sports

A black fitted t-shirt and a nice pair of joggers is eye-catching yet simple. You can decide to go simple with a neutral white t-shirt on black joggers. To spice things up choose a patterned white and black top or patterned black joggers.

sporty monochrome outfit

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When the weather does get cold, throw in a jumper jacket or a hoodie and you are all set.

For your shoes, match up with a very good black on white trainers. A classic pair of monochrome vans sk8- Hi or plimsolls can keep things looking really cool. A very thick soled sneakers is a favorite of mine to help make the whole outfit vibrant.

The Casual Monochrome Outfit

Looking for a way to style your black skinny jeans? Throw in a white tee shirt and slip into a pair of black Vans sneakers and a leather jacket to match.

monochrome casual look

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Textural differences are the key to pulling off a casual monochrome outfit. The white tee shirt is good but the iconic leather jacket is what keeps things interesting and fun. Suddenly a supposedly dull outfit looks vibrant and cool.

If you want to tune things up a bit, opt for patterned designs in the jacket or the tee. Start off with a skinny Jeans working your way up to a patterned black and white shirt layered with a black leather jacket. The best shoes with black jeans are ankle length Chelsea boots. Accessorize with chains or a baseball snapback cap.

Going Formal with Monochrome outfit

You have probably worn a monochrome formal outfit at a point in your life. If you own a black suit you aren’t far from it.  Black and white is a classic timeless combination that has been around for ages and will stay in fashion for decades.

formal black and white monochrome outfit

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So here’s your classic formal monochrome outfit: A quality white shirt on black pant, an overall black jacket or blazers with a slim black tie. That’s it.

For a softer monochrome look, use less casual shorts that are both comfortable and relaxed and pair with a white oxford shirt and black loafers. This should leave you strikingly smart and cool.

Going monochrome with grey is suited for formal wears. Pair grey chinos with a grey monochrome top and a wingtip lace-up brogues. This will merge out as an effortlessly styled monochrome grey outfit.

How to wear Monochrome

You can look stylish in monochrome outfits. We style them in three different ways

  • First is the sporty monochrome look. Black joggers, tee shirts on trainers
  • Secondly, the casual monochrome outfit sees us use black jeans on a plain or patterned white t-shite and black boots
  • Lastly, going formal with monochrome is popular. It’s your black suit white shirt combination.

In Conclusion

These are a few ways of styling monochrome. Am pretty sure you can come up with a wide range of ideas to style in monochrome with other colors other than black. They follow the same basic principle. Monochromes are simple, modern, classic yet sophisticated. Remember to spice things up by varying the texture of your monochrome outfit.


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