How to wear Linen Suits


Wearing Linen Suits the Right Way

Most people are quite scared of the idea of putting on a linen suit. A lot say they are old school and are out of fashion. Whatever you think, linen suits are far more wearable than you think. All you just have to know how to wear them properly. For a complete and illustrative guide on how to wear linen suits, read on to the very end.

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The Linen Suit

What exactly is a linen suit? Why does it get so much buzz at times and why is it so hard to pull off? What kind of fabrics are used in making linen suits?

The perfect balance of breathability and comfort, linen suits are our go-to for the summer.

Linen suits are made from fibers spun out for flax plants – and the name Linen is derived from the Latin name of the plants. Linen suits can run a bit higher in price when compared to other suits because of the rigorous process involved in its production. The flax materials can go through several stages of production before they finally come out in Linen.

Linen, the fabric of summer. Not only is it soft, it's known for its ability to remain cool and fresh in the most humid of situations. This makes it perfect for travel to warmer climates, or weekend occasions like weddings and long al fresco dinners. Elegant, sophisticated linen—the perfect summer suiting.

White is the popular color of choice for men when it comes to Linen. Once you have succeeded in nailing what to wear with a white Linen suit your style options can grow.

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Linen suits can quickly get you in the smart-casual vibe if paired rightly. They are more versatile and can work in nicely during summer months. Depending on how you intend to style them, casual or smart you can transit from a cool and relaxed state to a more sophisticated state. Experiment with different ties, or skip the tie altogether. Whatever fits you, go for it.

What Occasions can you Wear Linen Suits?

Although Linen suits can look crisp and smart, it’s best if they are kept out of the office environment. The fabric is very breathable because of the low thread count making them the ideal suit to put on in hot weather or summer time. Outdoor functions like wedding parties and a trip to the bar are cool places to rock a casual linen suit.

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When compared to cotton fabrics Linen suits are more breathable because of the low thread count. This makes them lighter, more comfortable and with high moisture absorption than other suits made from synthetic derivatives.

For starters, pair the linen suit with a basic button-down shirt or a T-shirt to emphasize the casual nature of the suits. You can also showcase nice looking shorts with Linen at the beach. We have established the fact that Linen suits can be worn in summer but can they also go well during fall? Emphatically yes. Linen suits can definitely be worn during fall because of the versatility of the fabric. To make them warm for fall some manufacturers mix linen with wool. Ideally, the percentage composition of each fabric is stated on the suit.

What are the Best Colors?

White has been the best color for middle-aged men during the holidays. For a modern fit, opt for a fitted style that is trendy. With Linen fitting is king.  In terms of color, the best linen suits are rather more playful than more formal suits for office wears. Be creative with the endless amount of shirts you can try with a Linen suit.

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Other than white there are a whole lot of colors to try out there that can work equally well. So don’t be scared to try out bold and daring colors.  For a more formal look, try out black, grey and blue linen suit. These colors can appear more casual on Linen than they do for other materials.

Try to pair navy linen with a white shirt and grey tie to come off as looking smart without going overboard.  Grey and black linen appear more comfortable and casual than other fabrics of the same color.

For a relaxed summer look, try out Tan or pink Linen suit. The light color paired with the light texture blends in well for most outdoor activities during summer. One rule to follow is to make sure the shirt and tie you pair with the linen suit are of similar shades to compliment the casual look.

Layering and Pairing Options with Linen Suits

Layering with jackets is a very nice way to get some sophistication off your casual Linen suits. Pair them with a dark jacket and you are good to go.  If you are not a fan of the full linen attire, opt for the jacket and a different trouser. Just don’t be afraid to mix and match.

You can combine the linen with a good pair of denim jeans. Use dark denim jeans with a white linen jacket for the perfect casual fit. This combination can quickly strike a balance between smart and casual. For more options, try out chinos to maintain the smartness of the linen jacket. A neutral colored chino with grey linen is a very good match.

If you prefer using the trousers without the jacket your style combinations are endless. Linen trousers go pretty well with a button-down tee. You can also combine the trousers with a blazer.

Shoes that work well with Linen

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with linen suits then you’re not alone.  The versatility of linen suits makes them easy to pair with a lot of shoes. For more formal occasions try pairing the linen suits with loafers. Loafers are an ideal choice because they are smooth, cool and do not require socks. For a more relaxed fit try boat shoes. Pair with neutral boat shoes as they might seamlessly blend in with the neutrality of linen. For a more casual look pair with white trainers or sneakers.

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Wearing Linen Suits in a Nutshell

  • Linen suits are appropriate for summer vacations because of their breathability and the soft nature of the fabric.
  • Do not be afraid to dare with different color combinations to stun out different vibes from your outfit.
  • Layer with other jackets if you’re not too comfortable with linen jackets. Try out button down shirts with only the linen trousers for more options.
  • Because linen suits are more casual than smart boat shoes, loafers and trainers all pair well.
  • To take care for your linen suits wash them by hand using a low temperature because of the delicate fabric.

Final Word

During summer and early fall, linen can quickly become the go-to material for guys. The weather is hot and needs clothing attires that do not trap heat. Make a wise decision in investing on a few pairs of Linen suits. Remember you don’t always have to wear the entire suit, mix and match things up for more interesting combinations.


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