How to Wear the Dickies 874 Work Pants


The Dickies 874 workwear pants debuted in the sixties and are globally recognized as some of the best work-wear pants available from the brand. If you are looking to purchase one, then you are in the right place. If you equally want to know how best to wear one then your search ends here.

Dickies Original 874 Work Pant Grey

The Brand Dickies

The brand Dickies has been in operation since 1920, over 10 decades ago. They have perfected the art of creating strong lasting work-wear fabric built with a special blend of polyester and cotton. Their craftsmanship has been particularly useful in the post-world War II industrious America society. The Dickies 874 work-wear pants are iconic pieces that have stood the test of time, head and shoulders above the immediate competition.

Dickies Dark Navy Original Work Pant | Dickies | FreestyleXtreme

It’s no wonder then that the brand has successfully gathered a huge fan base of fashion enthusiasts around the world. There is a Dickies 874 work pants for everyone, whether the difference is in height, weight, size or shape, you will find one in stores that suits you. With an abundance of colors, the Dickies 874 workwear trousers are incredibly versatile.

Forward Guidance on the Dickies Style

Over the years the brand has held on to their aesthetic of crafting high-quality work pants for the fashion community.  Having developed as a company rooted in workwear they are still centered on that blue-collar foundation.

Dickies Men's Original Classic 874 Plain Flat Front Work Pants -Silver Gray

However, going forward they have added some designs to their collections to appeal to a much wider audience. It’s common now to see popular prints alongside the classic work pants.  The 874’s still remains the most popular pants styles ever created by the brand to date. This article couldn’t have come at a better time than this. Just as you are on your way to get a Dickies 874 pants or you need styling advice on how best to wear one.

How to Wear the Dickies 874 Work Pants

The Dickies 874 work pants are the brands most popular pants available in stores and its popularity isn’t farfetched. The original pants came with wrinkle resistance and stain release features that instantly caught the attention of the busy American public. What else would you need in a work pant then these features? They were a sturdy day to day pair that could successfully withstand most terrains.

Dickies 874 Work Pants 30" Leg - Navy

The wide range of color options available means you could easily find a pair that suits you and seamlessly incorporate them into your outfit. The 874’s are the closest pants to chinos, style them just as you would for chinos.

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant Khaki 26W x 28L summer fashion mens fall fashion workwear fashion clothing style ideas spring fashion summer fashion outfits mens clothing styles outfits mens clothing styles clothes mens mens outfits mens fashion mens wear

Staying true to their identity, the 874 work pants according to Dickies are the only products on offer that are surplus in stock always. That says a lot about the patronage.  An online search for these pants will reveal some close variants which just illustrates how the brand is expanding to accommodate more contemporary fashion pieces.

Black Work Pants – Dickies 874

The black variant of the lot is the most versatile of them all primarily because black in itself is very popular and matches almost anything. Pair them with a white t-shirt and trainers and you are all set or dress them up with a nice Gucci loafer or a button down t-shirt. Whichever way you deem fit the style options are endless. Check out the outfitting examples illustrated in the grid below for more style inspiration.

DICKIES 874 Original Fit Mens Pants Dickies 874 Original Work Pant Navy dickies mens light blue trousers

Mixing white with black is an old age style combo that works well as a more relaxed monochromatic outfit. Accessorize with a baseball cap or a black beanie hat and a pair of Superga 2750 Cotu Classic leather trainers and you will be displaying a fashion savvy sense unrivaled in the industry.

You can equally style the black Dickies pants up a bit to suit to more formal occasions. Nailing the smart casual look isn’t an easy task especially if you’re a newbie to this dress style. Pair the Dickies 874 black work pants with a solid 100% cotton T-shirt and layer with a grey tweed blazer. Finish off the look with a pair of black leather loafers from H by Hudson or use a weejun loafer from G.h Bass.

Navy Work Pants – Dickies 874

The traditional Navy is the next popular color for the 874.  They are just as versatile to black and accentuate their blue-colored roots in a classic navy way while remaining in trend with modern fashion.

Dickies Original 874 Work Pant Navy | Shop men's chinos, trousers and clothing at The Idle Man

Check out the look grid below for some inspiration on wearing Navy colored Dickies 874 work pants. These dress combos are suitable for the autumn weather. Pairing with an oversized sweatshirt and nice looking high – top sneakers can quickly get you up and running in less than a minute

Beige Work Pants – Dickies 874

Lastly, if you are not into the traditional colors of black and Navy, beige can serve as a good alternative to those colors.  Beige is notoriously popular during summer and on warmer days. For some inspiration, check out the lookbook grid of both casual and Smart-casual outfit combination.


For the perfect combination to a sunny look, mix things up with a stylish beige 874 work pants and a contrasting T-shirt. Add a nice pair of leather trainers to suit the silhouette of a laid back smart-casual look. Accessorize with the added sophistication of a Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

If you are looking to dress for formal occasions it’s best you stick to bold colors as opposed to printed designs. Pair up with a rugged looking Dr. Martens shoes to add a little bit of casualness to the overall appearance. On a fancy dinner out? You are all set and done.
Street Ready Dickies Appearance 

Looking to get something with a little bit of street style to it. A little guidance here should help a lot. Try replicating this stylish street look and you will have a winner any street any time.

Mix a pair of Dickies Khaki pants with a simple Breton striped T-shirt from Carhartt and a white Vans SK8-Hi sneakers with a grey beanie. This combo should slip you into the street-ready appearance of a spoilt rich kid…. Lol

History of Dickies

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Dickies was founded in 1918 by C.Don Williamson having initially started out as an overall company they changed the name in 1922 to “The Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company”. They have since metamorphosed from a small-time overall company to one of the largest clothing companies in the world.

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By 1950, Dickies was expanding its frontiers to other areas of business. Emerging markets in Europe, Middle East, and Asia proved profitable in a post War liberated era. The years following, saw Texan oil men introduce the brand to oil field workers, this, in turn, resulted in exponential growth figures for the company.

In late 80’s Dickies started establishing its presence in UK and Europe by setting up stores that served as a base for distributing durable and affordable workwear clothes to the British people. Presently, Dickies is the biggest producer of workwear in the UK.

The 90’s saw a renewed taste for more contemporary dress pants and workwear trousers among youths. Dickies was adopted as the go-to brand for more modernistic attires that suited that contemporary style among youths.

Today the extensive range of workwear carried my Dickies is quite numerous. These include shirts, jackets, fleeces, warmers and of course the popular Dickies pants. They also stock high-performance products like high visibility garments and various flame resistant workwear products.

Dickie’s streetwear has been rebranded as Dickie’s life to demonstrate the fact that the brand is beyond just clothes for the street but a certain consciousness of the lifestyle and cultures of its followers around the world.

How to wear the Dickies 874 work pants in a nutshell

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  • Black Dickies 874 pants: Black is the most popular and versatile color. Monochrome with a pair of white T-shirt and nice looking trainers.
  • Navy Dickies 874 pants: Navy is a nice alternative to black. Use an oversized grey sweatshirt and a simple black beanie hat with a high-top sneaker.
  • Beige Dickies 874 pants: If you aren’t into black or navy, beige can come in handy. This color is popular during summer and sunny days.
  • Streetwear Inspiration: Pair a khaki colored Dickies with a printed T-shirt from Breton and nice looking Vans. Accessorize with a Ray-Ban sunglasses and you are all set

In Conclusion

We have definitely come a long way in styling the Dickies 874 workwear pants. They are really versatile pieces to own and a must have for today’s contemporary gent. They are the perfect economical purchase for those looking to spice things up without blowing up the bank. Get this work pants now in various colors to buff out your wardrobe.


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