How to Dress up with Pink Trainers

It’s an obvious fact that pink is not a masculine color, so dressing a man up with anything pink might look odd and very hard. You run the risk of looking feminine or having people laugh you to scorn.  If you are not confident on pink don’t dare it, please stay clear. Luckily for you, I have put together a style guide on how to easily pull off pink colored trainers easily.

Pink is subtly resurrecting from the dead in menswear fashion. It is slowly but surely sheading off some of its feminist’s characteristic making it more appealing to males. In one way or another, low to high-end fashion designers are stylishly incorporating pink to menswear either by subtle additions or making a bold statement; are men catching in on the trend? The answer is yes, but slowly.

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We still have die-hards who would rather stick to the comfort zones of regular jeans, polo, and trainers than dare to try something new. Can you blame them?

Thanks to some male fashion icons who have provided the lead way for pink on the red carpet. An increasing amount of guys are beginning to adorn the color. I have put this guide together to help men know how to style/wear pink trainers.

What Colors Compliment Pink

Adorning pink trainers would require you to match with colors that compliment pink. People have to be drawn to the new set of trainers you just bought or are about to buy. Muted tones, neutral tones, and colors that draw attention away from self will accentuate the pink trainers.

pink color family
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Examples of such colors are greys, whites, and Navy. Black is an obvious neutral that will do well with pink. If you are very comfortable with wearing pink then think white pants and a lighter shade of pink t-shirt for inspiration. White on pink creates a great contrast between each other. You see how the ladies do it?

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Overshirts and T-shirts with Pink Trainers

If you want to layer clothing that involves using pink trainers, finding a balance with the colors is key. If you go solo with a T-shirt make sure you vary the texture. Use an over shirt to give an added dimension to the outfit without going overboard. Looking good with a shirt and trainers should be easy to pull off.

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Check out the style inspiration below to find out exactly what we mean by layering with a shirt. Think a light pink overshirt on a plain white T-shirt and navy or black chinos. Ideal for summer. We are fond of layers, layers, and more layers. This outfit combination does just that, pairs your pink trainers with a layered outfit.

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Wearing Pants with Pink Trainers

Jeans or pants which would you rather use on your pink trainers? The best pair for pink trainers would be jeans but pants can also be used. If you want to add a little smartness to your outfit, then use pants rather than jeans. They look equally good. Some people might not be too comfortable with this combination but pairing pink sneakers with muted colored pants like grey or navy can quickly make you pass as someone who is fashion savvy.

Pair the pants below with a black themed top for a perfect fit with your pink trainers.

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Wearing Pink Sneakers and Jeans

When it comes to pairing jeans with pink sneakers your best options are black and blue jeans. Case closed! All other colors won’t just cut in for pink except say white jeans or cream white jeans. Darker navy shades or selvage jeans just won’t appeal to the silhouette of a pink sneaker.

Pink and jeans color combo

With jeans, think black, blue, light blue and white. Those are your safest options and by far the best for most occasions. Take a look at the jean pairs below for inspiration.

Top Black and Blue Jeans

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Layering Jackets and Coats with Pink Sneakers

Jackets are good layering clothes that can add lots of sophistication to the appearance of an outfit. The right jacket might just make or break your pink trainer’s outfit, so it’s imperative that you get this layering right. Opt for blazers other than coat as coats do not have the desired texture for the summer outfit.

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Bombers are a top layering choice with pink trainers because they can easily be dressed up and down by either wearing a simple polo or button down t-shirt. Bomber jackets are a must have if you are serious about dressing in pink trainers.

A lot of people are scared of wearing blazers with trainers. Why is that so? Maybe it’s because of the polarized extremes both serve, one is highly formal the other is casual. Just be confident, wearing trainers on blazers are very stylish and in trend.

Going Casual with Pink Sneakers

Wearing pink trainers with casual attires are a great way to make a fashion statement. They can be worn in a number of ways and with a wide range of outfits. How you choose to wear them is strictly up to you but I hope this guide has been of some help.

Black tracksuit bottoms are a great way to show off those nice looking trainers of yours. The neutrality of the black tracksuit helps accentuate and draw attention to your sneakers. Try using a casual tracksuit with a bomber jacket to nail this winner. Lastly, keep experimenting and looking at pictorial examples for more inspiration.

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How to wear pink Trainers for men in a Nutshell

  1. Pink is a feminine color, dressing up with pink trainers as a man can be tricky.
  2. Wear colors that compliment pink – Use color combos that are in direct contrast to pink to accentuate the footwear
  3. Keeping things simple is key. You can try to tone down the matching outfits by sticking to neutral pairs to highlight the bold pink trainers.
  4. Jeans are the best casual pieces to pair with your trainers, however, you can opt for dress pants to pull off the smart casual look.
  5. Layer with a lightweight jacket or bomber to add more sophistication to your outfit
  6. Lastly, be confident. Pink is hard to pull off for a man but staying confident could be the difference.

In Conclusion

Hear you have it. Our how to style pink trainers guide. Although we have come a long way in showing you how pink trainers can be styled nothing will work for you if you don’t believe in yourself. When it comes to wearing pink for men we cannot overemphasize how important it is to stay confident. Use the style instructions in this guide to nail the pink trainer look. Bookmark and come back to this article and website for loads of contemporary fashion styles for men.


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