Tips for wearing a Brown Suit Effortlessly

Wearing suits is commonplace for most men. As a grown-up, if you want people to respect and take you seriously an element of formality has to be incorporated into your dress attire. A well-fitting suit is one of the best ways to make a style statement.

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Suit colors like black, grey and navy are very popular and successful. You can hardly make a dress mistake wearing those. If you want to stand out from the crowd you ought to own a few uncommon colored suits. Brown suit aren’t common and they can quickly give you a personal taste of style.

This article will show you how to wear a brown suit the right way so you don’t appear out of place. Suits are very identical in nature leaving little to no room to express your sense of style. A well-cut out brown suit will help you differentiate yourself from the plethora of black and navy suits out there.

Casual outfit for men - Brown Blazer, Khaki pants

Wearing a brown suit is not as easy as we are making it sound. You might need to do a little try and error if you are to pinpoint what works best for you. Wearing a brown suit can make you look dated if you wear them incorrectly. Read on to discover the best way to style a brown suit.

What Type of Brown Suit Should you Wear?

Wearing a brown suit is quite different from wearing a brown jacket. It’s simpler to style a brown jacket and trousers than to style a brown suit. There is a repertoire of styles out there that finding what suits you could take some time and effort. You have to bring to mind the occasion or even that the suit will be worn to.

Questions can arise, like, will brown tweed suit a more casual event or will it be appropriate for a wedding or more formal occasion?

Different shades of brown also come into play, do you opt for a darker shade or a light shade. The weather must also come into consideration. Summer or winter, a dark brown suit will probably capture heat and make things extremely hot in warmer weather conditions. Wear a lighter shade of brown instead.

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Darker shades of brown are mostly made from a heavier material like cotton or tweed and suited for winter or cooler months.

Wearing Brown suits to weddings

Are brown suits appropriate for weddings?

The simple answer to that question is yes.  Emphatically yes, brown suits are appropriate for weddings unless there is a code to the wedding. The average Joe and Jane will all be in black, grey and navy suits. Why not break away from the norm and put on something that has the potential to place you in the spotlight.

 how to wear brown suit

It’s our recommendation that you opt for a brown tweed suit (if the weather allows it) because they are timeless and a sure winner for formal gatherings. To contrast the brown tweed suit, pair with a white shirt or blue shirt. Accessorize with a black plain tie and a classic watch.  Finish out the look with a nice looking Ray-Ban sunglasses.

brown tweed suit

What Shoes work best with Brown Suits?

Footwear is a very important aspect of any outfit. Their importance is even more apparent with formal clothing. Do not make the style mistake of using dark brown shoes with a brown suit. The brown suit must be contrasted with black shoes. Black shoes are your safe best.

Types of Brown Suits

Types here mainly refer to the material used rather than a particular style. Of the many types available, tweed and cotton brown suits are the most common. When it comes to design, pinstripe black suits are a personal favorite. They are cool, stylish and the stripes offer an extra illusion of length. Slim guys take note.

Fitting a Brown Suit

Fitting is always king. Nothing puts off people like an ill-fitted suit. Ensure the brown suit you wear is fitted to your body type to avoid looking average.  A well-fitted suit can put you on another level distinguishing you from the crowd. The fitting is one aspect you definitely need to get right.

You will get heads rolling if you manage to get this aspect right. People already know it’s hard to style a brown suit properly, so to see someone do it right seems great.

Wearing a Brown suit (summary)

  • Dark inner shirts will look out of place. Rather opt for a contrasting neutral alternative.
  • Only match black shoes with brown suits. Using brown shoes won’t work properly.
  • Fitting will continue to be king. Ensure that the brown suit fits in properly.
  • Use a stylish watch or pocket square to modernize your look

Final Word

Here you have it, on how to style a brown suit. If you are looking to make a statement with a suit, using the regular black and navy suits won’t get you far. But if you try something different you might just nail it. Brown suit offers you the opportunity to blend out of the crowd and make a personal style statement. Go ahead and be the best version of yourself in brown.


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