How to wear Blue Chinos with Style


Blue Chinos: How to wear Blue Chinos with Style

It’s no news that chinos are the best alternative to jeans.  They work best by brightening up your outfit, helping you look smart and well-organized.  Blue jeans are very popular among men but if you are looking to break away from the norm a little, then try blue chinos.  Read on for some cool blue chino combinations we feel will up your style a little.

 blue chino outfit combinations

What to wear with Blue Chinos

Blue chinos can be teamed up with a lot of other clothes. They are very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you intend to portray. Most are light and are the next thing to linen trousers during summer. In this short guide, we will go through various style combinations that will give you an idea of what combines best with blue chinos or any brighter color for that matter.  Shoes to wear, top color tees and probably accessories to help dress you up.

Causal Outfitting with Blue Chinos

For casual looks, just pair your blue chinos as you would blue jeans. Mix things up with simple pieces like a lumber jacket or a denim jacket to add some excitement to the dress combo. Basic t-shirt and textured jumpers will do just fine too. Chino has the added advantage of giving your combination a slightly formal edge than regular jeans.

casual blue chino outfit

Smart-Casual Dressing with Blue Chinos

You are probably going to hit the smart casual dress style with chinos than with jeans. You can easily create a casual dress vibe if you focus on the fitting of the chinos and you pair them up with a button-down formal shirt. Fitting will always be king. A well-fitted chino is the first step to pulling off the smart-casual look. To dress up the look, add few dress accessories whilst keeping the colors simple.

 smart causal blue chino outfit

Blue chinos and black shoes are a match made in heaven. You definitely need to pair them up. This is not to say brown and other colors won’t work well. Try one a black suede tassel loafer for a sleek look that is simple and doesn’t go overboard.

smart causal blue chino outfit

Formal Blue Chino Combination

Looking to step up in style to a formal event? Instead of sticking to regular formal pants there are a few ways blue chinos can get you in the formal vibe. Pairing blue chinos with a Navy suit is a steal.  They blend in seamlessly. This combo radiates formality unlike using a black suit that can easily pass for a smart-casual look.

 formal blue chino outfit

If you are not in tune with the uniformity of a blue chinos and navy suit you can slop the navy colored suit for a grey or beige blazer. You can’t go wrong with a black suede shoe or an ankle length Chelsea boots.

The Fitting

Proper fitting any alignment with your body shape is a must. You have to make sure what you wear is fits you or you risk appearing sloppy.  There is a wide range of sizes for chinos, so finding on that suit you like a glove shouldn’t be a hassle. Look for something that isn’t too skinny (summer months are hot) and not too baggie (this isn’t the 80’s anymore). You will do well to visit a departmental store to try on some pairs before making investments online.

How clothes should fit
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Wide Leg Design

For those looking to make a style impression, wide leg chinos are statement pieces. They look out of place on skinny guys so it’s best you avoid them if you haven’t made any progress at gym sessions.  If your body shape manages to pull off a great look with wide leg chinos then you can style them up in various eye-catching ways.

Slim Fitted Chinos

Slims fit doesn’t have to mean skinny. Slim fitted pants skim through the legs in a way that is flattering to your appearance. They are loose enough, providing the much-needed space for breathability. If you plan on using slim fitted blue chinos for smart casual or formal occasions, the slim fit vibe is the surefire way to go.

What can you combine with Blue Chinos?

We recommend working your way from the chinos to other outfits. What I mean by that is, make the Chinos a base piece before finding what to pair with them, not the other way round.  For your upper half, denim jackets, blazers, jumpers, tees, can liven things up.

Keep the experimental lab door open until you find combinations that work for you. Avoid the dreaded color riot by sticking to no more than three colors for the entire look. Don’t get carried away with colored layers.



  • Chinos are the best alternative to jeans. They are versatile and can easily be dressed down or up.
  • For casual wear, pair with a denim jacket and tee. Finish off the look with breathable trainers or sneakers. Smart-casual dress combo requires that you put on a formal dress shirt while you can use a suit in case things get serious for formal occasions.
  • The right fitting will help you look smart and avoid sloppy dressing. Not too wide and not too skinny.

In Conclusion

The dress combos that can be achieved with blue are numerous. However, make sure you aren’t playing too much with colors as this can really mess things up for you. With chinos, you can easily achieve a smart or formal look than with jeans. Go ahead and make the most of your chinos by wearing the same pair for a number of outfits.