Wearing Black Trainers the Right Way


Wearing Black Trainers the Right Way

Nothing beats the power of black when it comes to matching colors. Black trainers are one of those shoes you can confidently dress up and down to make a style statement wherever you go. They are versatile and will pair effortlessly with almost all the clothes in the wardrobe.

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To simplify your dress experience I have put together some of the best ways you can pair up black trainers.

Wearing all black from head to toe can be very stylish if pulled off properly. Trust that we have come up with some of the best all-black outfits to tickle your fancy. Black is stylish, it’s timeless, it’s classic and will continue to trend day in day out. Adding an element of black into your routine outfit can just take those boring color combos to something more interesting. In this guide, Menfashionnow has compiled a comprehensive article on all black trainers, best places to buy them, good outfit combinations with black trainers and a lot more.

How to Wear Black Trainers/Sneakers

Pulling black trainers off with outfits is easy but we have found that most people are scared of pulling an all-black outfit. There is no reason to be afraid of paring black sneakers with other black clothing. In fact, they tend to go well with other black items of clothing. One trick you can use to pull off an all-black outfit is to try different shades of black rather than sticking with a particular shade. If you are going down the all-black route, try as much as possible to make sure your layered blacked clothing is not too faded. This can break things up and ruin the dimensions of the style.


Where to Find the Best All Black Trainers

Big name brands like Nike, Adidas and Converse stock all-black trainers and sneakers in a verity of colors, textures, tones, and materials. You will be inundated with the wide array of black sneakers styles when you browse online stores. They come in lots of designs for almost all dress occasions. Till date, the market for all-black trainers is still striving so it’s no news that departmental stores are keying into this trendy footwear.

The Old Skool trainer have been a huge hit this season, and now available in black, these trainers are perfect for casual wear, or even school wear!

It’s commonplace to find style icons like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West pulling of all-black outfits. If investing in a few black sneakers is what you want then the choices at your fingertips are endless. Look to Asics, Superga or Converse for some of the best casuals to smart-casual dress shoes.

Outfit Combinations with Black Converse

Converse is one of the popular brands you can rely on when it comes to black trainers. They are one of the best casual shoes around that go well with basic t-shirts and jeans. With converse black sneakers, paring with chinos, Dickies is a walk in the park. Very easy to pull off and they seamlessly blend in with all body types.


To achieve a laid-back style with converse, opt for a T-shirt or button-down shirt. Pair with a slim to loose fitting jeans or chinos and you are good to go.

Black on Black Trainers

Black on black outfit combinations is increasingly getting popular especially with men. They are easy to pull off and very practical with most outfits. They require less thinking and can come out very nice with minimal effort. Choosing a correct pair of black sneakers will require that you weigh in on some factors for maximum results. Here are some very popular black sneakers to get you started:

Black Nike Sneakers

Nike is never short of their own range of sneakers to the extent that if you don’t know what you are looking for you can easily get carried away be the numerous styles available. The styles an types of Nike sneakers in the market are numerous but if all blacks are what you want, pay attention to these ones:


  • The Nike Roshe Run(Triple Black)

The Roshe black variant sneaker is a young and cool way to rock a Nike all-black sneaker. This sneaker has seen an increase in popularity with both men and women and the trend is still on an upward run. The triple black color of the Roshe run lines has been one of the most successful in recent times. Height wise, Roshe run spots an increased platform that acts as a heel.

Nike Roshe Run NM Weave

  • Nike Huarache (Triple Black)

Apart from the triple black Roshe run a personal favorite of mine is the triple black Huarache by Nike. It’s less sporty than the Roshu Run but significantly bulkier. First released to the market in 1991, the Huarache features air pockets wick out sweat and lace up fastening that you can tie in or out.

Nike Huarache "Triple Black"

  • Nike Air Max

The Nike air max is similar to the Huarache in so many ways. For the purpose of this guide, we will stick with the triple variant, Nike Air Max. The sneakers embodies all things Nike related and is almost has all you will require in a black sneaker. The popular Nike logo is easily sported on the Air Max 90. The Nike Air Max 90 fulfills all that you would require in a black sneaker that surely accentuates most dress attires.


Black Adidas Sneakers

adidas ACE 16+ Purecontrol UltraBOOST: Triple Black

Just like Nike, Adidas is a powerhouse when it comes to sneakers and trainers. They equally have plenty of styles and eye-catching designs for both men and women. Adidas have long jumped on the bandwagon of black on black outfit combinations. They have penetrated the market with some of the most stylishly designed footwear that can rival any in the industry. Here are personal favorites that I think are worth the investment:

  • Triple Black Adidas ZX Flux NPS

The triple black variant of the Adidas ZX Flux, in my opinion, is the best in this line because they are simple and look stylish on guys. There is a lot of similarity between this pair and Nike Roshe Run so you might have made a choice. But if you have the funds, go for both.


  • The Stan Smith Trainer

Adidas Stan Smith was a hit in 2016 with almost everyone owning a pair. It was all over the place, from disco halls to bars. People couldn’t have enough of the trainers.  Fortunately for us, the Stan Smith line also has an all-black version idea for dressing down or up.

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers In Black

  • Adidas Superstar Original

Similar to Stan Smith In style and fit, superstar originals are more defined because of the shell top toe cap around the front end.

  • For a sportier vibe look to the Adidas Tubular Runner which is very cool and comfortable to wear. With the laces tucked in or fastened, you can nail the all-black look properly with these sneakers. Described as a shoe with a sock-like fitting the comfortable nature can’t be overemphasized.

Adidas Superstar Original

How Best to Take Care of Your Black Sneakers

Best to Take Care of Your Black Sneakers

Taking good care of your shoes should be a top priority to prevent them from smelling and picking up dirt. If you have worn them a couple of times then you should need to start making frantic effort to keep them in top form. Black(especially suede) need a lot of care. Follow the steps outlined below to take care of your black trainers and sneakers:

  • If the pair is made out of leather, try rubbing a slightly damp cloth over it to clean out the lines of dirt that accumulate at the edges. This action can also clean off the marks that appear frequently on leather shoes.
  • If you hate pristine laces, tuck in a cloth to keep them clean whenever they are not on to prevent dust damaging the shoes.
  • Use the edges of a toothbrush to clean out hard to reach areas that can’t be accessed by a damp cloth.
  • Try as much as possible to always use socks(even if they are no-show socks). A lot of guys frown at wearing socks but using them can drastically improve the lifespan of your shoes. Invest in a shoe spray or scented foot spray to kill off the dreaded footwear smell.
  • Buy a shoe protector spray and use them even before you start wearing your new shoes. This will help prevent them from bending out of shape or getting stuffed up.

What to Wear With Black Shoes

Black on black doesn’t necessarily have to about black trainers only. Other black shoes can equally work well and you will need to know how to work your way around those too. All black shoes ca serve most events and occasions if they are styled rightly.

For the smart casual look, pair up your all-black formal shoes with a nice pair of nice dark chinos, suit trousers or straight pants with a sleek button-down T-shirt. Layering with a denim jacket can make you look sophisticated and stylish.

Rapping Things UP

  • Look to big name brands for the best All-black trainers and sneakers. You will find many options form Nike and Adidas.
  • Using all-trainers with an all-black outfit is an idea and should be encouraged. Dispel the fear of black-and –black and be the best version of yourself.
  • Remember that each black trainer is different in shape, fitting, and style. Put these into consideration before paring with clothes.
  • Lastly, endeavor to take care of your black shoes.


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