If you are lost on how to appropriately wear a bandana then you just landed on the right page to guide you. While some people refer to the bandana as a style statement piece others treat them casually. If you want to look good on a bandana or you are looking for better ways to wear a bandana this style guide is definitely for you. Read on!

If highway bikers and the Rambo bandana look is what still revolves around your head when you think about a bandana then you must still be living in the 60’s. The bandana has been remodeled; it has been repackage and improved for contemporary use.  Trust me on this, by the time you would have successfully digested this article your whole perception about bandana would have changed.

The functionality of a bandana goes beyond trying to hide receding hair lines that comes with aging. It’s a colorful accessory most men have come to love. The level of diversity that comes with wearing a bandana is really numerous. There is no end in sight of the number of color combination and dress outfit this fashion accessory pairs with. The options are endless

How to wear a Bandana Rightly

This is where most people fail. They think the bandana is a last minute wear, something you just throw in after you are all dressed up. No approach could be more wrong. You will always get it wrong and look messy if you treat the bandana this way. Rather see them as an extension of your style. Something you plan along with your outfit and not something you add just because you want to accessorize.

Using the bandana this way would mean that you obey color combination rules and you have them all planed out even before you put on your clothes. This is the only approach that wins.

Ways to Wear a Bandana

There are many ways to wear a bandana a lot of which you might not have heard. Yea, you heard me right, most of the ways you don’t know because you saw Rambo tie it across his head. Well if you have purchased a bandana this guide is timely, if you haven’t make sure you get a couple after immediately after reading this guide.

Around the Neck

Aspect form the obvious style of wearing the bandana around the head like most hip hop artist do the next popular way is to wear them around your neck. Subtle changes can help improve the look and feel of the bandana.

If you want to draw attention to the bandana, use a colorful bandana around your neck and pair with a monochrome outfit such as an all-black or grey outfit. Play around with the texture of the accessory and you will find that it works just right.

Tiring a Bandana Around your Neck

  • Very easy. Start with the full square pitch the edge and start rolling diagonally.
  • When you reach the other end stop.
  • Now stylishly tie it around your neck leaving some excess end to hand ad dangle down.

The most popular Around the Head Bandana

Bandana around the head has been in trend for a very long time and I don’t see it fading soon. Keep an eye down during festive periods and you will know exactly what I mean. If you are having a bad hair day, bandana around the head can greatly work in your favor. Look for all the colors and patterns you can find.

Tie a Bandana like a Headband

  • Fold the bandana lengthwise long the sides of a rectangle.
  • Truck the end part
  • Simply wrap around your head, that’s it, very easy to pull off.

Using a Bandana Around the Leg

Wearing bandana around the leg might not seem logical at first but it can visible improve a casual look. You probably have not heard of using a bandana at the leg because it is not as popular as the previous two discussed above.

This style is not for everyone; some of you might look ridiculously silly on it but if you are darling then give it a shot. If you use a simple t-shirt and jeans tying a bandana could look well blended with it. Stay away from tying the bandana above the knee level as that will break up the outfit, use it subtly at the ankle region. At that area it might even go unnoticed unless you purposely round up the bottoms.

Using a Pocket Square Bandana

Pocket square bandana, sounds silly right! Unheard off, here us out. It works, especially to less formal gatherings. Replace the original pocket square with a bandana pocket square to add some excitement to an otherwise boring outfit in a semi-formal occasion.

Folding a Bandana Pocket Square

  • First things first, Iron the bandana and place it on an even surface
  • Keeping the square even fold the bandana in half vertically.
  • Next fold the bottom part up about 2/3 way up the square. This should leave approximately 1/3 of at the top unfolded.
  • Depending on the depth of your pocket, tuck the pocket square in to suit your taste.

The Right Hairstyle for Bandanas

The bandana look is a look that is very popular during festivals. You don’t always have to wear one especially if you take into consideration the formality of the occasion. Having laid down a few simple ways to wear a bandana it’s time to look at the grooming aspect of things.

What hairstyles are best suited to wearing a bandana?

Long hairstyles work best with bandanas, the longer the better. That’s the rule. Tying your bandana on around your top knot can blend in seamlessly with your hairstyle.

What to wear with a Bandana

Getting the most out of your bandana would mean you are also finding the right piece of clothing to match. Here are a few pointers in the right direction to using a bandana with a casual and smart casual outfit.

Smart Casual

If your smart casual outfits seem too plain a nice way to spruce things up is using a colorful bandana. In an instant your look can go from boring to fun. Throw in a bandana on those monochrome outfit combinations and you won’t be far from the truth.

If you are going to throw in a bandana in this way please pay close attention to your color choices. Stick with neutral colors for jackets, blazers and jumpers whilst keeping your inner clothing plain white.


For casual wears with a bandana, blazers are too sophisticated. Opt for a regular jean and t-shirt. Use a trainer or sneaker in the same color shades as your bandana to add a matching touch of class. Patterned or colorway bandana like white, red, blue or black are widely used and recommended.

Celebrity Bandana Style Inspiration

Dont’t we all need it, a little approval form style icons who are doing it right.

Harry Styles:  A rock chic fashionista, he uses the bandana  to mane his long hair

Kanye west: Hip hop artist ayt the zenith of his carrier. Fashion genius and style beat innovator.

Tyga is unique for his street wear styles. Follow him if street wears are your thing.

Justin Bieber the ladies’ man.  He has a very diverse range of street styles that can easily be copied.

A little History of the Style Statement Bandana

In Hindi the word bandana comes from “bandhnu” which literary means a tied or bounded piece of clothing. In France bandanas are called kerchief from the French word couvre-chef meaning a piece of decorative clothing used to cover the head.

Originally before the 70’s bandanas where used by women to cover the hair. They exploded into popular culture 70’s reaching its zenith in popularity in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Its true origin dates back to India where they were mass produced as silk handkerchief printed with spots. The height of the popularity of the bandana in the States saw gang members affiliate themselves with certain colors. In those days you would put up a blue or red bandana to openly display your gang affiliation.

How to wear a Bandana in Summary

In Conclusion


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