Best Kind of Formal and Casual Belts for Men

Want to get better use of your belts. If you still think belts are only a functional piece just to hold up your trousers, think again. They are a part of the fashion statement these days, and wearing them rightly will do your dress sartorial a lot of good.

Brown and black belts are the most popular colors of men’s belts out there. They are a centerpiece in every man’s wardrobe and a staple men’s accessory for most events. However, if your intention is to mix things up, colored belts can look equally as good. As long as you style colored belts properly with the right outfit you are sure going to get the best out of them.

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Men’s Formal Belt

Formal occasions will demand formal belts no doubt. Formal occasions happen every week and all year round. Using a formal belt can help breathe life to a regular plain pair of pants. The trick to pulling this off is to ensure the belts, shoes and other forms of accessory complement each other. Avoid sharp contrasting colors that can distinctively distinguish each of the accessories.

formal dress belt and suit

Belts even become more important when you take into consideration the most formal dress attire; the suit. Complementary belts with your shoes is a must-have.

complementary dress belt and shoe

The Men’s Formal Black Leather Belt

Unarguably, the black leather black is the most popular color of men’s belt out there. It forms a vital part of a man’s dress accessory. This belt is probably the most practical and functional piece every man has had since high school days. Invest in a quality black leather belt today. Black is safe and very versatile. If you wear formal clothes daily an investment in a quality black leather black is a smart choice.

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The Men’s Formal Brown Leather Belt

Brown belts are the best alternative to black belts.  Why is this so? The most popular colors of shoes worn all over the world are either black or brown. It is imperative then that the most popular color of belts should also be black or brown. Brown belts work well with brown and grey pants. You can opt for a lighter shade of brown belt to work with different shades of color pants you intend to wear.  The lighter the pants the lighter the brown belt.

Investing in a quality brown leather belt is a smart decision. Maintain the quality and keep it looking new and smart at all times. Cracking in brown leathers are more visible than cracking in black leather belts so it’s better to invest in a quality brown belt than a cheap one.

Men’s Casual Looking Belts

With formal belts, you are limited, but with casual belts, you have the liberty to choose what compliments your personality. The colors, the materials, the buckles and the styling are all something you should place in consideration. Try to keep things simple and try avoiding massive belts and buckles that make you look like you fell off from the 80’s.

casual men's belts

Men’s Casual Leather Belts

Leather belts though for formal attires can also serve casual purposes. They become very important in the very difficult to pull smart casual attire. Wear them with chinos and jeans trousers to smarten up a rather casual look. For leather belts to appear casual, choose those with some design pattern or a little rusty feel. A slightly wider belt can easily pass for a casual belt than a thin leather belt.

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Men’s Woven Belt for Casual outfits

Woven belts are quite stylish and unique. They are a great belt accessory to own alongside your regular plain black and brown leather belts.  They work best on chinos and casual pants although some of the variants can be worn for formal outfits. Choose colors that are light and not too out of place with the rest of your outfit. Asymmetrically pair woven black or brown belt with the same shade as your shoes or pants.  Finish off the look with a nice t-shirt and Gucci loafers for men.

man wearing woven belt

Woven belts can come in a whole mix of colors that are quite daring. The trick to pulling them off with a casual outfit is to use them to spice things up with a rather neutral outfit. You will find a woven belt in red, White, or multi-color that can quickly go out of place. Just pair with neutral outfit colors like a plain white tee.

Wearing a Belt with a Suit

Wearing a quality belt with your suit for me is a must. Some people do prefer suspenders though, but I have found the simple use of a belt to be far less complicated than using a pant suspender. Your suit definitely needs a very good belt. There are suits that have been tailored specifically for your body type and might not necessarily need the functionality of a belt. Trust me, if not for the functionality of the belt, use them for the style they present.

tan leather belt combination

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Choose belts that are not too wide (appear casual) and not too thin (not stylish) and take into consideration the width of the belt loops on the pants. Black suits will definitely look good on a black belt while a blue or navy suit can go well with a black or brown leather belt. Think blue suits, brown shoes, and brown belts.

Styling your Pants With a Good Belt

A good belt can form part of the aesthetics of a slim fitted pair of pants. Dressing your pants up and down will require varying the color of your belts. Belts are an accessory that won’t break the bank so there is absolutely no excuse for not owning several styles and colors. You should have at least five good belts in your wardrobe to style with various colors of jeans, pants, and suits. Sometimes finding the right match for your personal style could involve a little try and error on your part.

4 Best Belt Styles for Men in a Nutshell

  • Men’s formal black belts:  Black is very versatile and easy to pair. They are the most popular type of men’s belt available.
  • Men’s formal brown belt: Brown belts are the nicest alternative to black. They are equally a smart investment as are black leather belts.
  • Men’s casual leather belts: Casual belts are slightly different from formal belts either in the size, design or pattern.
  • Men’s Woven belts: Woven belts are more difficult to pull off. They are best paired with neutral outfits and are mainly popular during summer.

Here are some style inspiration 

casual outfit with brown belt

casual outfit with brown belt

smart casual outfit with brown belt

In Conclusion

Investing in some quality good belts is worth every penny in the long run.  Have a mix of them all, casual, formal and woven belts in a variety of colors. Keep them new, well-polished to avoid them cracking up easily. If you are styling with bold colored belts, remember to keep one aspect of your outfit neutral.


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