How to Match Colors with Clothes (Color Combination Guide)


How to Match Colors with Clothes

Outfit color combinations can be confusing at times. What colors to pair with a patterned yellow shirt? How do you go about picking the right outfits for your new pink or red sneakers? These are challenges men secretly pass through in the closet.  We have been there and this timely guide will have you color match your clothes properly.

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What shirt will match your new brogue shoes? Is this tie a match for this suit? How can I layer the appropriate jacket on this knitwear jumper?  What color combos are generally accepted by the public? I’m a man; I don’t want to color crash my outfit least the fashion police pull me over at the subway.

Matching colors can either make or mar your look running the whole day for you. You will instantly notice if what you are putting on is accepted by the public or not. That’s not to say you ought to dress for the public, even if you intend to look unique there are rules for colors you ought to pay attention to.

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We weren’t born knowing how to match colors; it’s a skill set we must learn properly. Matching colors is quite easy once you get a hold of it. Like the saying goes “Constant practice makes perfect”. We have outlined in this short guide the basic principles of color matching your clothes. You will do well to take them seriously

The Basis: How to Color Match Clothes

The first rule to matching colors are playing things safe is to stick to one color and keep the rest neutral. This is a surefire way to escape the prying eyes of the fashion public. Tone things down by sticking to one color and neutralizing the rest.  The basic primary colors of Red, Yellow and Blue can be tone down with a neutral white color. White shirts, for instance, are incredibly versatile. They work seamlessly with almost anything, you can hardly go wrong on a white tee. This is why white T-shirts in various styles are an absolute must in a man’s closet.

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Grey is another great color that can help tone down the brightness of bold colors. It’s not dull either is it boring. They will work well to tone down vivid colors. Use grey or its lighter shades to manage the boldness of flashy colors. Grey is smart, sophisticated and will make you look great.

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Tonal Colors

Tonal colors are the same colors in different shades. If you try using tonal colors on your clothes be sure you have them well planned out to match. Different shades of the same color if paired stylishly can blend in beautifully.

Matching Clothes Stylishly

Working with Prints

If you intend to use prints on your outfit to ensure you follow the one print rule. The average gent can successfully pull on print per outfit. Unless you are dress savvy, we suggest sticking to one print per outfit. Just choose one piece to use as print whether it be jacket, pants, or shirt then leave the rest of the outfit plain.


Going Monochrome with Colors

If you aren’t feeling confident or just doubting your choice of clothes just stick to black and white. Black and white are an age-long traditional pairing that will never go out of style. You can use different textures to add some excitement to the combo. Pair also neutral colors like brown, navy and grey and you will be on to a winner.

Color Wheel for Clothes

Color matching clothes is not rocket science, once you know the rules then it becomes very easy to pull off. Although we agree that there are certain colors that are quite harder to pair than others. Sometimes skin tone an body build can affect the kind of colors that you choose. Print out a color matching guide and have them in your closet to remind you of what works best.

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A good example is a color wheel guide that depicts colors that are complementary and those that are in sharp contrast.


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