How to Combine Socks with your outfit

Sometimes frustrations can arise with the simplest of tasks and a little task as paring your shoes with the right socks could potentially become a daunting experience especially when you have odd colored trousers or you need to dress of a subtle event. Paring the regular black or brown socks with a blue or black pants might not be too hard but if you have olive colored trousers or stripe patterned trousers then a molehill quickly becomes a mountain to climb.

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Many a time I have found myself considering about the right pair of socks for men to combine with my shoes and trousers and I cannot help but think that a lot of individuals out there might have found themselves in the same situation. Here I was with a newly purchased olive pants, combined with an Oxford shirt and a shawl neck like cardigan. So what color of shoes will fit best, let alone the color of socks to choose from. I was completely blank. Rid of all ideas. Or was it that I didn’t have much of a variety to choose from? That couldn’t be the case seeing I was well endowed with a wide variety of pairs (shoes and socks).

There is a thin line between dressing very formal and dressing less conservative. Your choice of color combination must not only match your entire outfit seamlessly but must also suit the occasion. So for those formal outings, dates, business hours or even meeting up with associates where you have to be on the refined side, hope this little guide will help put those problems to rest.

The most popular rule with paring socks with our outfit is to ensure that they are darker or the same shades as your pants. You should look to pair brown, light brown or beige socks with a brown or beige pants and a brown shoe, that way they blend seamlessly. The key is to prevent any remarkable difference between the pants, shoes and socks. You should also ensure that the shoes you wear are of the same shades as your tops or darker to enhance your looks.

Stay off white stocks, the era of Michael Jackson is over unless you are visiting the gym or for sports. There is nothing that destroys a good looking black suit, black pants pair with a poking white sock.

Popular Sock Matching Examples with Pants

While we advocate sock matching to both pants and shoes the safest route to take is to match your socks to your dress pants first. The shoes are secondary.

Black trousers should go with black or brown socks

Brown pants will do well with brown, light brown or beige socks.

Blue and gray pants will go well with brown or black sock.

Charcoal colored socks with a mid grey pants or tux.

Navy colored chinos, pants, trousers with a cobalt blue socks

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Patterned or Polka dot Socks

A little tricky to pair with pants.  Try using the most prominent color of the pattern or dots as your base color. A Pair of blue socks with white polka dots should fit well with navy colored trousers.

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Sock Textures and Paring

Heavy textured socks made from wool or cotton are best used during winter season or during sports while light textured socks made from synthetic materials are for summer wears. If you are looking to make a switch to heavy textured socks be sure to match them up with an equally heavy material like denim, leather or wool so you can avoid the risk of the socks bunching out in an uneasy way.

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 In Conclusion

These are my takes on pairing your socks with your pants and shoes. Did I get something terribly wrong please drop me an idea. Lastly I like to play it safe when I write so I didn’t go deep into more bold and dare devil colors, perhaps in a future article I will. These are the basic rules for pairing and as you know, the rules are met to be broken, but you should at least know them to break them.


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