Style Advice: Wearing a Coat over a Suit

Although wearing a coat over a suit looks simple and easy but wearing the wrong coat over a suit can be a disaster and vice versa. Let this simple guide we put together, help you on the basis of combining a coat over a suit.

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How to Wear and Put on a Coat Over a Suit

Wearing a coat over a suit as simple as it seems will definitely not go unnoticed if paired rightly, but get it wrong and you will keep regretting it all day long. Having worked so hard to dress up properly, the wrong coat over your well-dressed attire can ruin it all.

A nice outfit is sure going to be complemented by a good looking coat worn properly if you are combining it with a tie, this dress combo is the perfect opportunity to try out colors to spice things up.

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Take a look at some style examples below of how to wear a coat properly.  Notice how the right use of accessories like scarves and gloves tune things up a bit. Little accessory details like this can make all the difference between a great looking coat and suit combination and a sloppy combo.​

Light brown overcoat tweed overcoat  

What Kind of Coat Should you Wear Over a Suit?

As with most of our recommendation, fitting is king. If the overcoat doesn’t fit, then it won’t look good on you. You have to make sure you get the aspect of a well fitting coat right. When it comes to choosing the right fitting coat, the suit you are to wear underneath must be taken into consideration. A right fitted suit is the first step towards a great fitting overcoat.

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Different coats will look better in certain suits. In your quest to find the right fitting coat try out series of suits to find out what works best for you. You can also ask friends and family members what they think of every suit you wear. Compliment other people when you see a great fitting combination and ask how they pulled it off.

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Different seasons require certain coats. So if you are thinking of buying an Overcoat, first determine what time of the year you will be buying the coat and the layering materials to use. For first-timers, I would recommend you go for darker colors at first; this is because they are versatile and would match perfectly with a wide range of color combination and outfits.

OverCoats to Wear with Suit

Over Coats are all over the place, in online stores, departmental stores, and warehouses. Choosing the right one is a task you must get right. If you need a coat for the office during the winter season opt for a business coat which can easily be matched with formal outfits. If you rather prefer coats that are harder to style, you would make sure you already have an outfit to pair it with or you risk the coat collecting dust in your wardrobe.

business overcoat

Wearing a Trench Coat over a Suit

Trench coats are great classic’s men’s wear. They look great in smarter outfits and can complement most builds. Am yet to find someone who doesn’t fit in properly with a good trench coat. If you are among that select few then there are very little options to choose from.

trench coats over suit

Wearing a Pea Coat Over a Suit

Pea coats are great for winter seasons. The double-breasted design and thick fabrics used can fight off the harshest of colds day in day out. The pea coat has a lot of history behind it having been originally worn by sailors.

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The standard pea coat should fit in just below the waist region and well around your shoulder regions. For those with a bigger build, the double-breasted design should complement that.

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Double Breasted Overcoat with a Fitted Suit

Because of its resemblance to a double-breasted suit, it is often regarded as a suit coat. The double-breasted coats are classic pea coat that is preferred by those with bigger builds. When worn properly the broader designs are great fitting additions for broad-chested individuals.

Double breasted overcoats

Trench coats can also come in double-breasted form. The trench coat simply looks good on most guys that’s the reason why it has hardly got out of the fashion scene. The history dates back to the early 90’s where they were the preferred choice for the British Army.

If you are really looking to wear an Over Coat over a suit rightly, then you can hardly go wrong with a trench coat. They are also the ideal choice for warmth during winter because of the fabrics used and the longer length.

Wearing Jackets Over a Suit

Below are style options and inspiration of good jackets over a suit. When it comes to wearing a jacket over a suit you are quite limited, this is because most jackets are meant to be worn over t-shirts rather than suits. Therefore wearing them over a suit might seem a little out of place.

bomber jacket for suits

I personally won’t wear them over a suit but if you must wear them then look towards using a bomber jacket or something of that nature. The reason is that they tend to be wider and allow more room for layering than what most jackets can offer.

Alpha industries and Dickies all make great bomber jackets that will work well when combined with a shirt, tie, and a great fitted suit.

OverCoat Vs Pea Coat which one is better?

None is better. It all depends on the kind of look you are trying to create. They are both timeless and can make most outfits look smarter although the coats have to be properly fitted to get the most out of them. A personal favorite color for an overcoat is Grey because of its versatility.

If you had to choose one out of the two I’d rather you pick and overcoat. This is because overcoats are very easy to match with most outfits why a pea coat might be harder to pull off. Don’t take my word for it, pea coats can work well too.

In terms of the fabric used, wool seems to be better on overcoats than on peacoats.

How to Wear a Coat Over a Suit (Summary)

  • The fit is king: It’s important to find the right fitted overcoat that can also comfortably sit over a suit.
  • Styles: You would want to go for styles that are versatile enough to match a series of outfits
  • The Peacoat: For big build individuals the double-breasted design can work wonders here.
  • Colors: I have found grey to be very versatile, pick the color you are most comfortable with
  • Trenchcoat: If you only had an option to pick between a trench coat and a peacoat opt for the trench over the pea
  • Casual Jackets: For a smart look, bomber jackets will work well

In Conclusion

Overcoats are worn daily, in other to pull off wearing an overcoat with a suit rightly please do ensure it is well fitted to your body type with enough room to sit on a suit. Colors like navy, black and darker shades of grey are the most popular and safest. Experimenting with other bolder colors would mean you have these basic overcoat colors in your rack.

Look at what is working for others, compliment them and keep asking questions. Check out also style icons and how they manage to pull off great looking overcoat outfit on the red carpet. Check also Pinterest for pictorial examples of great looking overcoat outfit combinations.


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