How to Buy a Suit Online


Guide to Buying Suits Online

Buying clothes online is a risky business. Nothing could be truer than tiring to purchase a fitted suit online. Unless you are willing to make the proper adjustments and amends with your local tailor it’s best to visit a departmental store to try on a suit before you buy.

Anyway, if you must buy a suit online we have compiled the do’s and don’ts you need to be aware off so that you save yourself the hassles of making returns. Read on

Suits On Hangers At A Bespoke Tailor Shop

There is a high probability that the suit you purchase online could have one or two defects or might not fit in properly. Tight middles, shoulders too high, and general ill-fitted clothing are all part of customer complaints online shops deal with on a daily basis.

If you are very good with sizing and can pick the right size for your body type, buying a suit online can save you a lot of stress. Most are ready-made and ready to ship immediately a confirmed order is placed.  With all the risk involved in purchasing clothing online, there is still no reason why you can’t find a flattering suit.  Allow this article to guide you through the hassles of picking the right suit.


Buying Suits Online

We can’t overemphasize how tricky it is to buy a suit online. If you want to reduce the risk to a minimal level there are things you need to place into consideration before you click the buy now button. Even if you get a cheap suit, you still run the risk of wasting money and time if what you finally get is not the right material, the wrong color or is ill-fitted.

If you take all we list in this article into consideration then you can easily get a nice suit online.

The Right Measurement is Key

Know your measurements. Ask from a professional tailor if you must but get solid advice about your measurements. An inch too much on the chest is all that is required to ruin your look. This can leave you with baggy suits or tight suits as the case may be. The right measurements for your body shape are the single most important aspect you need to get right if you are to purchase a fitted suit online.

how to take an overarm measurement

It’s not our thing to recommend to our readers to squeeze themselves into a suit that is too tight or wear something too big. The fitting of a suit must be like a glove in the hand. Having said that, you must know the measurement of your chest.

You will do well if you seek the professional help of a local tailor regarding your measurements before you purchase a suit online, but if you have a tape, as long as you know what areas to measure you can do it yourself. If you have a broad shoulder which is apparently bigger than the rest of your body, a slim fitted design might not be your thing.

Before you click that buy button also ensure that your measurements are up to date. Last year’s sizing might not work anymore for you.

Work Out the Best Fit

When it comes to fitting, there are laid down rules on how a suit should fit around the chest, arms, and shoulders. Despite the laid down rules there are still different fits that you need to know which can greatly flatter your look and accentuate certain aspects of your body.

correct sleeve pitch fit graphic
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If you have a slender body, a slim or skinny fitting suit is your best bet. They will give you a modern and contemporary look that showcases your slender nature in a unique way. If slim or skinny fitted suits are not for you, opt for a regular fitted suit. A regular fit will easily skim over your body for a tailored but less fitted look.

If you are still not sure what suit type will fit you most, just order for a cheaper suit and have them adjusted by a professional tailor. Rather than spending money on expensive suits that won’t look great on you opt for cheaper ones, leaving you with extra cash to make amends with a tailor.

Always read Verified Customer Reviews and Return Policy

Sizing charts differ from one store to another. Not all small, medium and large are the same form storefront to storefront.  Reading customer reviews can give you first-hand information on what size the suit is, hints into the material, its durability, feel and general fit can be revealed.

Return policies are a must read. A good suit will most probably be expensive. You want to look into the return policy of the online store so you don’t run the risk of holding on to a product in case you made the wrong choice. Generally, as long as the item isn’t damaged most retailers will allow you make returns within 30days.

Lastly, check if you can be refunded with actual cash or store credits. This can make a big difference.

What Color of Suit to Buy Online?

Black is still king and leads them all when it comes to color choices. However, consider other alternatives to black in case you want to try other colored suits. Different occasions might require different colored suits. Pick the best for every event you have.

What are the Best Suits to Buy

Once you have the fitting right and you have played by the rules to ensure the suit you buy doesn’t fall short of the required standard, the next thing you need is to determine the best color to buy. Knowing the color you need is an important step in making the right purchase.

All Black Suits

Black suits are the basics. If you are starting out buying suits online you should try buying a black suit before venturing into bolder color pairs. Wear black suits to any formal occasion and you won’t look out of place. They are the classiest thing a man can ever wear.

all black suits for men

Keep things simple by mildly accessorizing the suit if your intentions are to dress it up. A pocket square, wrist watch, and lapel pins will do just fine. Pair with a white shirt and a formal shoe, thrown in some cufflinks to finish things off.

Dark Grey Suits

Dark grey suits that one of the best alternative to black. You should go for dark grey suits if your wardrobe already has some good looking black suit. Dark Grey is sophisticated and if accessorized properly can have a good finish. For a sleek alternative look, pair with a black shirt or use a crisp white shirt for a more traditional vibe.

dark grey suit for men

Light Grey Suits

Light grey is equally a nice color to go after. They match black t-shirts and black shoes well. Buy light grey if you already have dark grey or a black suit or they aren’t just your thing. Light grey can be dressed up just as you do with a dark grey or black suit. The only difference is that the formal vibe will be less pronounced.

light grey suit for men

Unlike others, light grey can be paired with bolder colored shirts to create a casual look.

Beige Suits

Beige is not as popular as other colors. You won’t see them often in formal events. Beige has a summery and more laid-back look that makes them suitable for casual events for those who want to skip the serious vibes of black and dark grey suits. Better still, use the blazer with jeans for a smart-casual appearance.

Pair with a clean white shirt, brown shoes with a colored tie to finish off the look.

 beige suit and jeans

Next: The Material

Purchasing suits online mean you do not have the liberty to feel the material. One thing you can do is to get yourself acquitted with the kind of suit material out there by visiting a local store. Feel the suit materials on display playing close attention to material percentage blends and make.

Here are some positives and negatives to some of the most popular suit material:

Cotton Suitscotton suits for men

  • Cotton fabric is the most popular. It’s breathable and ideal for both hot and cold weather.
  • It’s very strong and sturdy yet retains a soft feel. A blend of cotton fabric and polyester is common to blend in the qualities of both.
  • Despite the positives, cotton can crease easily.

Linen Suits

linen suits for men

  • Linen fabric is lightweight and the idea choice for summer
  • Soft yet sturdy
  • Like cotton, it creases easily and only idea for warm weather.


polyester suits for men

  • Polyester is cheap and can come in very many styles
  • It’s not breathable. To add a bit of breathability, polyester fabric is often blended with cotton.

Silk Suits

Silk | Satin | Suits for men

  • Silk is a very comfortable fabric. It’s breathable and has a soft finish.
  • Can keep the body warm in winter and cool during the summer months.
  • The only downside is the price tag


  • If you want to purchase a suit online the first thing you need to get right is the measurements. Know your measurement by visiting a professional tailor or using a tape to take the measurements yourself.
  • Always read customer reviews and return policies before hitting the buy button
  • Slim or regular fit? Make a good decision on the type of suit for your body shape.
  • Color is important. Buy a black suit if you don’t have that already. Dark grey is the best alternative to black.
  • On a budget? Opt for a blend of polyester and cotton. But if you have the money, go for silk.

On that note

Buying suits online is tricky and risky. You don’t have the liberty to feel, touch or even see it in person. Following the rules laid down in this guide can help you narrow down the risk of preventing the hassles of annoying returns. Have this guide handy next time you try to buy a suit online.