How a Belt Should Fit- Belt Sizing and Buying


How a Belt Should Fit

Belts are a functional accessory every man requires. That they are functional doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. The aim should be to find a good belt that is equal parts function and fashion. To help you find the right belt we have put up a belt size guide. Read on carefully


choosing the right belts for menHow to Buy a Belt

Look to buy belts that complement your shoes. If you own lots of brown shoes buying brown belts in different shades is a good idea. The same is true for black shoes.

brown belt brown shoe

If you are going to buy a belt at a local departmental store make sure you are wearing trousers you put on frequently.  This will help you get a better idea of the kind of belt you need. Remember not to settle for the first belt you see – try on others in different sizes to determine the best fit.

 brown belt and shoes outfit combination

Belt Sizing Guide for Men

Have you wondered what size of belt you really need? How do you even measure your waist? If you want to determine the kind of belt you need you first have to look at the jeans or pants you currently own. There is a high probability that you must have purchased the same sized waist for all your pants, this should point you in the right direction as to the size of belt you need.

belt sizing guide

Picking the right sized belt doesn’t have to be a daunting task, once you know how to find a good belt the rest is easy. Although it’s good to look at belt sizing charts, using a tape to measure your waist can be beneficial towards finding an accurate belt. All you have to do is pick up a measuring tape that lists sizes in inches. Rap the tape around your waist region just above the navel to determine the waist size. After you have done that, add two inches to what you measure to get your belt size.

Casual Belts for Men

There are more casual belts in the market than formal belts. The plethora of causal belts available can quickly get you confused. You will find them in a lot of styles and designs from embroidered, printed to leather casual belts, the design styles are endless. There is always a casual belt for everyone. To get the most wear out of your belt, make sure you are savvy about buying one. Pick a casual belt that matches most of your wardrobe outfits.

casual belts for men

Use a nautical-themed or striped belt if your looks tend to appear more preppy. To up your style game uses a simplistic casual belt with a simple pattern or weave. They come in a variety of colors leaving you with options to match with the kind of shoes you wear.

Formal Belts for Men

If formal belts are your thing, consider brown or black leather belts with no complicated designs. These are more refined than casual belts and are best for formal occasions and events.  Formal belts fit in properly to suits and dress pants. They have to be more subtle than casual belts. Do away with louder patterns and big buckles that could draw too much attention.


 complete outfit combination with beltsTypes of Belt Buckles

You have lots of options when it comes to buckles. Choosing one depends on personal preferences. Oval shape, square, round, silver, golden etc. Belt buckles give you the option to infuse your personal style into your outfit.

 matching belt buckle with wrist watch

If you are to purchase a belt buckle one important aspect you should consider is to take a critical look at the metal casing of your watch. Savvy dressers subtly match the belt buckles with the mental on their watches. Feel free to mix metals if your outfit is casual but match metals if it’s a business casual outfit.

black belt combination

How to wear a Belt

Belts are a great way to hold your pants and add style to your outfits. They are a staple men’s accessory that needs the most attention. You can either make them the focal point of your dress ensemble or use them just to complement your outfit.

Always aim to match your belt with your shoes. Wear a brown leather belt with brown shoes and black leather belts with black shoes. You can mix things up a little, breaking always from the regular norm. If it fits in, rock it.


  • Buy the right sized belt by measuring accurately your waist. Use a measuring tape or utilize the pants you wear frequently to determine the size that suits you.
  • Match things up with the right belts. Use belts that either matches your shoes or briefcase. Use a belt buckle that matches the metal of your watch.
  • Add a bit of personality by using a customized belt buckle. Try matching the metal of your belt buckle to other accessories like cufflinks or watches.
  • Break the rules a little. Mix match if you must, if it fits in, rock it.

On that Note

Treat belts as accessories that deserve serious attention. Don’t just go for any for the fun of it.  Make sure they match what you wear in a unique way that complements your dress ensemble. Allow this guide help you through the process of choosing the right belt for you.