Introduction: Hoodies for Men

The hoodie, a fashion dress with some history has been in vogue for quite some time. It’s popular across all genders and ages; women, men, children adults and even babies. Its usefulness is particularly felt during the cooler season and as a result fashion brands around the world have keyed into stylishly designing these hoodies to keep up with the 21st century.

The hoodie is a simple derivative of the sweatshirt. Modifying the regular sweatshirt to include a hood or cowl justifies why they regarded as hooded sweatshirts. Its origin dates back to the 30’s in the USA where it was the preferred choice of people working during the cold season. The hoodie has evolved tho, and has infiltrated both underground rappers , street side fashionistas and casual wear.

Today, hoodies are worn mainly with an inner t-shirt and can be seen on your regular Joe to the most fashion sophisticated celeb.

Can you tell what the in-styling of a hoody are?

Can you correctly differentiate the major types of hoodies available?

What are the types and what materials are recommended for different occasions and seasons?

If you have read thus far , allow me the honor of enlightening your curiosity.

Available Types of Hodies In The Market

 The two most popular types of hoodies for men are the zip-up mens hoody and the pullover mens hoody. If you fret yourself over having to dress your hair every time you have to wear a hoodie, then the zip up hoody might appeal to you. Just as the name implies it has a zip that can be loosed from top to bottom thus it essentially has to be worn with an inner t-shirt or tank top. The zip-up feature incorporates a sort of versatility that provides room for various dress combination.

The pullover hoody is still in fashion primarily because not everyone loves a zipper. Fashion trends have associated muff pockets mainly with pullover hoodies rather than there zip up counterparts. There are still a lot of reasons why some people still prefer pullovers to zip ups i.e avoiding the itching of a zipper, muff pockets for storage and extra fittings, just to mention a few, and off course it is common place to find both styles in a man’s wardrobe.

A third type of hoody common among joggers and baseball players are the sleeveless hoody. Remove the sleeves of a regular hoodie and you are good to go, and because of there sleeveless nature you will do well to reserve them for warmer climates/weathers.

Any pointers to what hoody types are in fashion now?

Enter the Fleece Hoodies for Men

The type and style of hoody you purchase would depend largely on what you intend to use them for. Are you looking for a surf or stake hoodie or you want something for work and safety (from cold).

The most widely used hoodies are made from fleece or wool or a blend of both. Fleece hoodies are very comfortable to wear, do not hinder movement much and are quite easy to maintain. There are a very wide variety and style of fleece hoodie to the extent that classifying them would be quite difficult. You can find popular brands of fleece hoodies for men from Hermooon, Polo, Adidas, Hanes e.t.c.

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Graphical design preference on the hoodie rest entirely on individual differences. Do you prefer plain hoodies or those with lots of designs and colors. What about logos? Logocentric individuals wouldn’t mind cross breasted printed logo while others might prefer something smaller and cute. However its been my recommendation to always opt for hoodies with logos imprinted with special DTG (direct to garment) machine. The DTG printed logo types are durable and in my opinion far better than the heat transfer method which is prone to peeling after a while.

Second Place: The Baja Hoody

The baja hoodies are increasingly becoming more popular by the day in America. They are mainly made in mexico and have recently infiltrated online stores with different styles, colors and fits. Baja Hoodies used to be very itchy because of the recycled fiber used in its fabrication but the design of the inner linings ion newer models have practically eliminated this problem.

If you really want to make a fashion statement, break out of the conformity of the fleece hoodie and put on a nice Baja Hoody.

In Thrid Place: The Wired Hoody

A little sophistication for the young at heart. As the name suggest , wired hoodies are a brand of hoodies fitted with earpiece wires that are connected to an MP3 player. The wires bogre out a little from the hood or cowl, specially designed and insulated for maximum protection and comfort.

Most of the popular wired hoodies have a 3.5mm plug featuring a HB3 technology that is second to none. HB3 tech. seamlessly incorporates an inline mic to a hoodie that is 100% machine washable.

There you have it. Hoodies for men. Did I miss something or you have something unique to contribute. Let us reason it out in the comments section below.


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